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Mayor De Blasio’s daughter says She’s happy ‘Biden was willing to stay, No, Uhh, Gain’



Mayor De Blasio's daughter says She's happy 'Biden was willing to stay, No, Uhh, Gain'
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Chiara de Blasio, a BLM protester, and daughter of New York City Socialist Mayor Bill de Blasio is back on the internet this time after a shocking street interview in which she told reporters how happy she was that Joe Biden was able to steal” the 2020 elections.

Stuff just got worse out of there.

“For me, it’s very special that now we have the first black, Asian, female president in office, elected,” the First Daughter of New York City told reporters, omitting the word “Vice” from “Vice President” while echoing the thoughts of millions of Americans who imagine that Kamala Harris will be running the show in a future Biden-Harris presidency.

“And Joe Biden was able to steal…no…uhh…take… he was able to win the election,” de Blasio said to the author.

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NationalFile Report: The comments came as progressives flooded through the streets of New York City to applaud corporate media outlining Joe Biden as the winner of the 2020 presidential election – an assertion that does not matter as several swing states go for recounts and President Trump gathers an army of lawyers and lawmakers to take up allegations of widespread Democratic-sponsored electoral fraud.

The bizarre TV interview of De Blasio’s younger doesn’t mark the first time she’s gone viral online thanks to her presence in the far left corner of New York City’s streets.

She was arrested over the summer for her involvement in a spree of violent Black Lives protests and her mug shot was uploaded to the NYPD’s Twitter site.

How can New York City police keep people safe from “exciting anarchists” because the Mayor’s object-throwing daughter is one of them?” “The union worried about the post, which was later censored by Twitter.

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