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Black Lives Matter Champion Orders to Follow BLM’s RADICAL Platform



Black Lives Matter Champion Orders to Follow BLM's RADICAL Platform
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Black Lives Matter Activist Patrisse Cullors has requested a meeting with Joe Biden, saying that if Biden is elected president, he would “prioritize” the agenda of the domestic terrorist organization.

“Without the resounding support of the Black people, we will have a very different political result. In short, the Black people dominated the election,” Cullors wrote.

Demanding a meeting with Biden to “discuss the aspirations that we have for your leadership and the promises that must be made to the Black community,” Cullors made it clear that the domestic terror group did not take any responsibility when it comes to motivating them within Biden’s White House.

“We want more for our vote,” Cullors said, adding, “We want to be heard and to prioritize our agenda.”

Summit. news reports: arguing that the United States was built on the “subjugation” of black people, the far-left protester called for a well-thought-out, community-driven, professionally resourced agenda that tackles the unique issues facing Black people.”

It was only when they realized that they had begun to damage them in the polls that the Democratic Party condemned the BLM-orchestrated protests and looting that had been ripping up U.S. cities for months after George Floyd’s assassination.

As has been pointed out several times before, BLM’s policy is not about “justice” for black people, it is the systemic dismantling of capitalism and the western way of life.

Cullors herself has regularly listed her motivation as none other than Assata Shakur, a convicted police killer on the FBI’s ‘Most Wanted Terrorists’ list.

She was also protected by the communist-supporting domestic terrorist Eric Mann.

If Biden brings the White House and the cave to the Black Lives Matter agenda, he’s going to sacrifice America in the process.

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