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CNN Puts on Anti-Semite To Laud Biden: ‘One of the Most Seasoned Peoples’ in Foreign Policy



CNN Puts on Anti-Semite To Laud Biden: 'One of the Most Seasoned Peoples' in Foreign Policy
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If you haven’t been watching CNN since you called the Democratic Joe Biden presidential race on Saturday, you’re still unfamiliar with the general setup and how the news works.

The simple arrangement, as the network does not condemn President Donald Trump’s decision to appeal the outcome in court, is to get two or three famed faces together to explore how Biden can be the calming balm America wants at this time.

However the vetting of these faces might be a little off.

Take Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, retired. He’s a favorite figure on the left making a ride from Colin Powell’s Chief of Staff during his tenure as Secretary of Defense to the sort of man who visits far-left news sites like Democracy Now, where he can make comments like “America exists today to make war.”

This and other comments—particularly of the anti-Semitic variety—were missed by CNN when the network took Joe Biden to Wilkerson, now a fellow at the Quincy Institute.

Wilkerson was expressly hired to learn about Trump’s refusal to admit; he is a member of the National Task Force on Election Emergencies, which was set up to respond to a situation where one party challenged the outcome of this year’s election. (Well only just one side of it.)

What’s remarkable is that for all this gravitas, no one has seen fit to challenge Wilkerson about the comments he has made over the years about the influence of the “Jewish lobby in America” and “AIPAC in particular.” Yet as the Washington Free Beacon reported on Wednesday, he has been making these remarks for years.

“Wilkerson said in a 2007 documentary that the ‘Jewish lobby’ had greater impact on the Bush administration’s decision to attack Iraq than the administration’s conviction that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction,” the Free Beacon said Wednesday.

“He directly attacked Jewish officials, including Bush National Security Assistant Elliott Abrams, former Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz, and former Undersecretary of Defense Doug Feith.”

On Tuesday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo blamed him for his comments that there will be a seamless transition to the second Trump administration.”

“We had State Secretaries from Thomas Jefferson to William Jennings Bryan—John Kerry, who tried to run for President,” Wilkerson said.

“But they didn’t do so from the Secretary of State podium,” he said.

That’s what Pompeo was up to according to Wilkerson, by “trying to catch the tiny kernel of Trump’s platform.”

As for Biden, he’s “one of the most accomplished people to come to the White House in a long time, definitely in defence and foreign policy,” Wilkerson said.

Again no one pressed him to push the anti-Semitic stereotypes.

He’s not the first anti-Semite to be in Biden’s corner, either.

In July, the Democratic nominee welcomed an endorsement that should have gained more coverage than it did—from Emgage, an anti-Israeli Muslim PAC run by George Soros.

Biden delivered an 11-minute speech to the group’s interactive conference from what I presume was the atrium above his basement, the space he used to use before he found that so many people had been staring at the same book shelves for so long.

Emggage’s dilemma is not just that the party is anti-Israel. It is also the case that Emgage co-hosted the North American Islamic Society conventions, which are full of anti-Semites.

Only take Linda Sarsour. She is the co-founder of the Women’s March, whose comments have helped to break the event apart in several respects. She was a frequent speaker at the ISNA gatherings.

Will the left have a struggle with anti-Semitism?

Sarsour called for a “intifada” in America in 2014 and said that the Israelis should not be humanised in 2018 (even at the ISNA conference speech). According to the Washington Examiner, she has said that Israel (which she naturally wishes to abolish) “is based on the belief that Jews are supreme to all else.”

There is also Hatem Bazian, head of American Muslims for Palestine, a group that has represented terrorists in court. Zahra Billoo, another speaker, called Hamas “freedom fighters.”

And that’s just Emggage. Biden’s campaign has announced the blessing of rapper Jeezy (legal name Jay Jenkins), who has a near enough association with one of America’s most infamous anti-Semites, the Islamic nation leader Louis Farrakhan, that he called Farrakhan his “mentor.”

Lawrence Wilkerson is not exactly the official arm of the Biden movement, it’s worth remembering. Unlike Jeezy, Biden didn’t feature a Wilkerson commercial on his YouTube page. He did not make any statements to the Quincy Institute like he did to the Emggage Virtual Conference.

It also points out, though that the anti-Semites of the left and the mainstream media are able to do so as long as they support the right candidates.

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