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Country Singer Carly Pearce Admits She had an injury that left her ‘Mangled’ Weeks in front of the CMA



Country Singer Carly Pearce Admits She had an injury that left her 'Mangled' Weeks in front of the CMA
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On Wednesday, Carley Pearce received the Country Music Association Award for the Musical Event of the Year for her and Lee Brice’s single “I Think You’re Happy Now.”

The conditions that led to the win were at best, uncertain, and the path to victory was not a straightforward one.

First, Brice was unable to perform with Pearce despite acquiring COVID-19. Instead, Lady A’s Pearce and Charles Kelley collaborated together, capturing their success.

Kelley was then unable to do so at the awards show on Wednesday when one of the family members of the band tested positive for coronavirus.

“Take a look back at last year’s CMA Country Music Association Awards and all the fun we had every year to hang out with our country music fans! “Lady A was updated on Wednesday.

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“Unfortunately, one of our close family members has just tested positive for COVID-19 this week. So far the three of us are all measuring negative, and out of caution and respect for all those involved with the CMAs, we’ve agreed to stay home from the awards tonight.”

“We’re bummed that we’re not going to be able to play with Darius Rucker and Thomas Rhett, but luckily Charles has already taped his show with Carly Pearce so you’re still going to see him taking the stage! We’re going to be cheering our mates at home with the rest of you! Keep healthy in there.”

COVID-19 Woes wasn’t the only thing Pearce had to navigate: she had a horrific disaster on Halloween, slipping and blowing out her two front teeth.

“It’s been an intense ten days, I’m going to tell you,” she told ET in an interview. “Just before all that happened, I had an accident… I fell on Halloween and had a lot of stitches in my mouth, knocked out my two front teeth, I was as it were, absolutely mangled.”

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“So the fact that I’m standing here being able to speak and do all this and the Lee and then the Charles [Kelley situation], it’s all been like an overwhelming 10 days. But this is what makes it all worth. I was kind of ashamed to be here with my face, so it’s just amazing.”

“Today, I FaceTimed with Lee. Everyone’s fine, they’re all, you know, bummed that they can’t be here,” Pearce said.

On Facebook, she posted a screenshot of the performance she and Kelley were working on, making sure she gave Brice a shoutout.

“As I said all week… Charles Kelley FOR THE Victory!!! “She has written. “So thankful to share the stage with one of the most creative guys in the business. Well, what a moment. [We]re in love with you & miss you, Lee Brice! ”

Given the many setbacks she faced, Pearce was pleased with the victory, and also showed that she had a sense of humor about the entire thing.

“I don’t know how to describe that,” she said. “I mean, it’s like a dream come true.”

“I’ve never owned one of these and now that I realize I’m going to have one, it’s insane… I’m like, but this makes it worth it. I’m going to kick my teeth out for the CMA Award.”

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