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DEM Celebrated Abrams for Not Conceding After Lost 1 State by More Votes Than 3 Trump Losing Combined



DEM Celebrated Abrams for Not Conceding After Lost 1 State by More Votes Than 3 Trump Losing Combined
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Georgia’s unsuccessful 2018 gubernatorial bid for Democratic Star Stacey Abrams is a case study of the dual expectations applied by Democrats and the corporate media.

We know of course, even if the Democrats didn’t have double standards, they wouldn’t have any standards at all.

But their hypocrisy is especially appalling when you remember that Abrams has lost a much greater margin of vote in the Peach State than President Donald Trump is actually behind in the joint swing states of Arizona, Georgia and Wisconsin.

This excludes legitimate questions about vote counts in other main states, such as Pennsylvania and Michigan, where Trump’s campaign is fighting to prove allegations of rampant electoral fraud and other possible electoral anomalies.

Although the mainstream media was swift to call the presidential election for Democrat Joe Biden last week and now ask Trump to congratulate him and concede, Abrams has not yet conceded his gubernatorial campaign—two years since the votes had been tabulated.

Although Democrats and mass media suspect the president of seeking to thwart Democracy by refusing to accept the disputed victory, Abrams is nevertheless hailed as some kind of fearless national martyr for refusing to admit his defeat.

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Abrams lost the 2018 Georgian gubernatorial election by a total of 54,723 votes, according to the final results published by Ballotpedia.

In the other hand, in the states of Arizona, Georgia, and Wisconsin, Trump is just down by a net total of 46,993 votes, according to the latest data presented by The New York Times.

Do you think President Trump is going to triumph in the courts to win a second term?

Georgia, of course, is preparing for a first-ever by-hand recount, and lawsuits in the other States will contest votes in the face of widespread irregularities.

But while Trump is accused in the eyes of the slanted legacy media of harming the political process, Abrams is still praised for refusing to accept what was a straightforward defeat.

In reality, Abram’s national significance can only be traced to her failure to recognize the will of the electorate and her gracious admission of defeat.

If Abrams had gone gently, it could be argued that no one would ever remember that she ran.

But because of her decision to defy the will of the people, she is praised as a reliable figure for the Democrats, who keep promoting her like a rising star.

The New York Times Magazine presented Abrams’ gleaming profile all the way back in April 2019.

The outlet pressed the Democrat on subjects such as a possible Senate bid and how she handled her national fame by refusing to admit a defeat.

How is the New York Times approaching Trump’s legitimate threat to the 2020 presidential race?

The Times tried on Wednesday to compare Trump to President Aleksandr Lukashenko of Belarus, who, controversially, secured his sixth term in office in August after an election that opponents claimed had been rigged.

The Associated Press later commented on the victory of Lukashenko’s demonstrations with the following headline: “Over 50,000 marches in Belarus against the repressive leader.”

Trump is compared to a “authoritarian” world leader because of his decision to legitimately challenge the presidential election, while Abrams is evidently courageous for refusing to recognise defeat in the government campaign.

In reality, shortly after her loss in Georgia in 2018, The New Yorker represented her defeat by legitimising her argument that she had been cheated of structural voter disenfranchisement and praised her for forming a “diverse alliance” of voters that almost saw her becoming the first black female governor of the state.

But Abrams lost to the Republican governor, Brian Kemp, and his refusal to grant no link to foreign authoritarians.

Abrams argued, without evidence, that the repression of the electorate had contributed to her defeat, and because she was a Social Democrat, she was praised as a positive figure in politics.

In fact, after the defeat, Abrams said, “Concession means that an action is right, valid, or correct. As a woman of conscience and religion, I cannot accept that. But my assessment is that the legislation actually does not allow any further viable solutions.”

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Charles Bethea and The New Yorker summed up the speech by saying, “Abrams’s unapologetic—and strikingly inconceivable—concession speech, which lasted a little more than ten minutes, was pointed out in his critique of Kemp.”

Abrams’ New York profile went on to write off her refusal to admit the race, reflecting solely on the historic essence of her campaign.

The same corporate media that praises Abrams as a star of defeat are now telling Americans to support his narrative that Trump is involved in an ongoing assault on the political process.

With Trump’s cumulative deficit in three states lower than Abram’s singular Peach State defeat, we are now asked to write off Trump as a petty obstructionist.

In the meantime the mainstream media rewarded Abrams’ subverting of the will of the people by giving her a pulpit to spit Democratic talk points and also claiming that she should be treated as Biden’s runner-up.

It seemed for a moment that Biden would also take the bait, even though he eventually preferred Sen. Kamala Harris of California, a socialist who, if nothing else, actually won her last election.

While Trump’s challenge to the election outcome may prove futile, he owes it to more than 70 million voters who are actually losing confidence in the legitimacy of the country’s election.

The comparison between how Trump and Abrams have been reported over the past ten days has showed us again who the Democrats and mass media are.

They refuse to apply the Al Gore 2000 principle to challenge Trump’s election.

The media show little interest in being honest or getting to the bottom of recent allegations of electoral fraud.

The media wants what it’s always done, which is to exile Trump in shame.

Abrams, despite losing and making false arguments about the intimidation of votes, is praised as an iconic hero, while Trump is ill-advised to rightly contest the outcome of a murky referendum.

Trump has not conceded last week’s election outcome, nor should he, though exhausting legal remedies to ensure that polling is open, equal and absent from systemic democratic malfeasance on the part of urban democrats in swing states.

If Trump struggles to prevail in the courts or in any possible constitutional means for victory, there is no legitimate question that he will bow down and move on.

But never forget that Abrams declined to recognize an election that had been determined two years before, and that the media had made her a celebrity.

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