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Democrats also earned a ‘Re-Do’ election in 2018 on the grounds of a single unproven argument by Ballot Harvesting



Democrats also earned a 'Re-Do' election in 2018 on the grounds of a single unproven argument by Ballot Harvesting
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Democrats and their mass media backers are now pushing on President Donald Trump to drop probes into suspected electoral irregularities and to authorise the result, arguing that the campaign’s problems have been without proof.”

But Democrats won the “redo election” order under the same conditions in the US House election in North Carolina’s Ninth Congressional District in 2018 after a close race there.

Despite a lack of proof of electoral irregularities in the 2018 election for the 9th Congressional District of North Carolina, the Democratic State Elections Board (SBE) declined to approve the results on 27 November 2018, following a session closed to the public.

That was twenty-one days after the Republican Mark Harris won and McReady won. As for the final count, Harris prevailed with a winning margin of 0.32% and a 905-vote lead.

NationalFile Report: North Carolina Democrats asked that the North Carolina election not be validated, citing irregularities in public documents in a letter from their counsel.

Democrats later alleged testimonies claiming that campaign operative Leslie McCrae Dowless ran a plan to “harve” 1,000-2000 votes.

Ballot harvesting is a contentious method of collecting absentee and/or mail-in votes from the electorate. In most cases, ballot harvesters do this in order to ensure a good vote. In certain situations, they use this to intercept a ballot to prevent it from counting.

Practice is prohibited in many jurisdictions, although exceptions are open to family members and caregivers. Democrats have spent years advocating and litigating to allow the harvesting of votes, claiming that it is vital for minority voters.

After a three-month court battle to reverse the outcome of the North Carolina elections, Democrats secured a decision to schedule a new election for September 10, 2019.

In February 2019, Democratic Wake District Attorney Lorrin Freeman confirmed an indictment against Dowless for electoral fraud. In April 2020, Dowless was charged with unrelated offences by the Department of Justice.

No litigation has taken place in any case as of the time of publication. There is also no “smoking flag” evidence of electoral fraud in the 2018 North Carolina race. Statements of evidence and observational irregularities are the only evidence available to the public.

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