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EXCLUSIVE: Congressman Dan Bishop Has video evidence of ‘Egregious wrongdoing by election officials’



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Rep. Dan Bishop (R-NC) told National File that he had video evidence of “egregious” electoral fraud in his own district. However, North Carolina’s electoral fraud did not impact the result of his own presidency, which he won with a resounding 10% victory margin.

“There are disturbing signs of issues with elections in different nations,” Bishop said. “I know of the significant wrongdoing of election officers in my own district, including video footage that I am in possession of, which we have received from the public request for information and are now investigating to draw assumptions.”

Bishop served as Representative for the 9th District of North Carolina after he secured a special election on September 10, 2019.

The seat remained empty almost a year until his win, as the November 2018 election outcome had been reversed after Democrats suspected significant and organized electoral fraud.

In spite of a $500,000 campaign by anti-Trump activists to unfairly tag him as a champion of hate speech, he prevailed. The basis was a $500 crowd-funding donation to Gab, a start-up social media network specifically advertised as a free expression forum that was later attacked for allowing extremist speech. Bishop is a well-known champion of free expression and opponent of Big Tech censorship.

The North Carolina Senate race was called for by Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC) by several major media outlets, and yesterday his Democratic opponent, Cal Cunningham, conceded defeat.

However, the votes are already being counted for the presidential race in North Carolina. Republicans allege significant and major electoral fraud in other swing states, but there has so far been no talk of electoral fraud in North Carolina.

The Trump Campaign is reportedly filing litigation in different states after recordings of vote watchers have turned away, testimony of ballot-stuffing and significant statistical irregularities have raised questions regarding Vice President Joe Biden’s swift recovery in the days following the November 3rd election.

In comparison, bugs in polling machines have provided tens of thousands of Trump votes to Biden, and numerous organizations have found evidence that large amounts of ballots have been cast for dead voters in Pennsylvania and Michigan.

If the polls of the different states are close and there has been a contested attempt [on behalf of the Democrats] to subvert the passed laws and the electoral process, it is false and counters to the rule of law. When there is a definite violation, and it appears that there is little the president’s attorneys can do with it, they should be permitted to do so and the procedure should take place.

I conclude that any candidate who is in a position to do so should seek effective litigation in order to protect rights and the rule of law.

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