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Joe Biden is a complete nightmare for unborn children



Joe Biden is a complete nightmare for unborn children
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(C-Fam) The US presidential election has not yet been decided. But the drive is over and as a U.S.-based non-profit group, we are now allowed to comment.

The administration of Biden-Harris will be an unmitigated catastrophe for the unborn child, religious rights, and the family. They will be much worse than the Clintons, who were horrible, and the Obamas, who were worse off.

Here’s what President Biden will do right now.

That will exclude the U.S. from the Geneva Agreement Statement, which the U.S. led, and which rightly specifies that abortion is not a human right, and the rules governing it are for sovereign states to decide. Mr. Biden will force other governments to withdraw their names from the declaration and to press other governments not to join the consensus.

Mr. Biden will immediately continue funding organizations internationally that practice and facilitate abortion. As you well know, this activity is banned by the Mexico City Policy. Moreover, President Trump has widened the program from the family planning budget alone to the whole public health budget. Much of this will go down, and the U.S. will go back to helping organizations targeting newborn babies in the developed world.

Mr. Biden will resume support for the UN Population Fund, a significant source of abortion in the developed world. It was disbursed by Republican presidents for getting a hand in setting up a draconian Chinese one-child program that resulted in millions of compulsory abortions.

Mr. Biden will continue to drive abortion into UN documentation under the word ‘reproductive health.’ One of the proudest accomplishments of the pro-life cause once again made the phrase controversial. The Trump administration vowed to abolish, replace, or narrowly describe the term. In comparison, other nations have taken the example of the United States. Mr Biden, along with the European Union and main UN organizations, will press on abortion as a human right to push conservative communities to do so. To the left, abortion is essentially a sacred sacrament.

Mr. Biden is going to push abortion as part of international practice, better known as the rules of war. He will do something through the UN Security Council, where President Trump has been willing to stop it for the last four years. This would be unparalleled and very risky for women in conflict zones. This will put abortion at a very high standard of international law.

Mr. Biden will continue to drive forward the LGBT movement, even urging developing nations to embrace this progressive agenda that is unacceptable to most people around the world. Mr. Biden would also bring forward what is known as “comprehensive sexual education,” which is a program of the sexual revolution. I would just like to point out that the UN pro-life campaign has survived so tremendously before. We’ve survived the Clinton years. We’ve survived the years of Obama. As much as they have sought, abortion is still not part of international law. Sexual preference and gender identity do not form part of international law. The family is now identified as men and women who have entered in marriage. We’re going to live like Joe Biden.

This, though is a warning. He is surrounded by the most extreme people we have ever met, and he will have the full cooperation of the bureaucracies of the United Nations and the U.S. government who have spent the last four years fighting against President Trump’s wishes.

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