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NY Gov. Cuomo Cracking Down at Family Celebrations Just 2 Weeks Before Thanksgiving



NY Gov. Cuomo Cracking Down at Family Celebrations Just 2 Weeks Before Thanksgiving

Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York on Wednesday ordered his state residents to restrict meetings at private homes only two weeks before Thanksgiving.

As part of a larger crackdown on practices to slow the spread of coronavirus, the governor released new rules on Twitter on what New Yorkers should do within their own house.

“New York is a science follower,” Cuomo said.

“We know that indoor meetings and parties are a big source of COVID distribution. To slow down the spread, NYS will restrict private indoor gatherings to 10 people,” he added.

“This cap shall be effective at 10 p.m. on Friday,” concluded the Democrat.

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Households of more than 10 inhabitants are an exception to this restriction.

WGRZ-TV announced that the cap for meetings within private homes will comply with new business orders as coronavirus cases begin to increase in the state.

For eg, any liquor licence company would be required to close at 10 p.m. It’s nightly. Gyms will be expected to close at 10 p.m. It’s nightly. Restrictions on indoor dining might quickly follow.

Citing touch tracing, Cuomo blamed recent outbreaks of the virus on house parties, gyms and the food and drink services industry.

“If you look at where the cases come from, once you do the touch tracking, you’ll find that they come from three key areas: restaurants where beer is consumed, gyms, and indoor meetings in private residences,” he said.

“The reason we’ve been successful in minimising the spread in New York is that we’ve been a bit ahead of COVID. You know when it’s going to happen; interrupt it before it gets there. And you know where the research is heading,” Cuomo said.

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“This is the calibration that we’ve thought about: increase economic activity, watch the rate of positivity – if the rate of positivity begins to climb, go back to economic activity. It has never been binary—economic operation or public health—it has always been both.”

The governor’s directives were quickly criticised for their emphasis on apparently attacking private individuals and corporations, while protests and others associated with Political causes continue to do so in the state.

Can you accept that Cuomo has dealt with the coronavirus pandemic more than any other governor?

Fox News Senior Meteorologist Janice Dean, whose elderly inmates died of coronavirus disease in New York nursing homes, hit Cuomo over some of his past acts that did not seem to be science-based.

Dean responded to Cuomo’s latest orders by tweeting, “Yeah. Since @NYGovCuomo slammed a Covid vaccine under Trump, the governor missed 17 meetings with the White House Coronavirus Task Force and declined a one-on-one meeting with Alex Azar. Perhaps his tour of the book was more of a priority? Worst of everything. Leader. Leader. It’s still.”

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Cuomo recently wrote a book entitled “American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the Pandemic COVID-19.”

Now that New Yorkers are planning for further prohibitions, Cuomo’s opponents are reminding the governor of the book, as well as his state’s limited implementation of coronavirus controls.

Melissa Fleischut, president and CEO of the New York State Restaurant Association, also denounced the influence of Cuomo’s behaviour on the sector in a statement released by WGRZ.

“Today’s announcement is a massive disappointment to the restaurant business, which is desperately struggling to remain alive. Our members have developed policies and guidelines to minimise the outbreak, and we will continue to do so to ensure the safety of our staff and patrons. We appreciate the reasoning behind the constraints on micro-clusters, but at this point we are worried about the general state-wide restrictions like this,” Fleischut said.

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