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Obama’s Latest Book Says Sarah Palin carried Evil Spirits to the Republican Party Base



Obama's Latest Book Says Sarah Palin carried Evil Spirits to the Republican Party Base
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Former President Barack Obama allegedly accuses Sarah Palin for taking “dark spirits” to the Republican Party in a recent book that has yet to be published.

In his 768-page novel, “A Promised Country,” Obama accompanied the former governor of Alaska and the 2008 vice-presidential candidate of GOP, according to CNN, which got an early copy of the memoir.

Obama, according to extracts, wrote that the 2008 Republican presidential candidate John McCain’s decision to appoint Palin to his ticket took bigotry and fear, among other items, to the centre stage.”

“Through Palin, it appeared as if the dark spirits that had long lured on the margins of the new Republican Party – xenophobia, anti-intellectualism, paradoxical conspiracy theories, antipathy to Black and Brown citizens – had made their way to the center stage,” Obama said.

Obama also speculated, according to a copy of the book, that if McCain had been offered a chance to do so, he would not have selected Palin as his running mate.

“Obama writes that he ‘wonder(s) often’ as to whether the 2008 Republican nominee John McCain would still have preferred Palin if he had realised ‘his dramatic rise and his validation as a contender would provide a blueprint for potential leaders, moving the core of his party and the country’s politics overall in the direction he abhorred,'” according to CNN.

“I would like to believe that, given the opportunity to do it again, he would have chosen differently,” wrote the former president.

He said, “I guess he truly put his country first.”

The 44th president, however, had not reserved his political critique for Palin alone.

Do you think that Obama is still angry over Trump’s 2016 election victory?

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Obama also lashed out at President Donald Trump and other Republicans in quotes from the unreleased novel.

The former president argued that Trump succeeded in bending the law in a manner that Republicans like Sen. Mitch McConnell, currently the Senate Majority Leader, and former House Speaker John Boehner, could not do.

“There was not a disparity between Trump and Boehner or McConnell. They also realized that it didn’t matter if what they said was real,” Obama wrote.

He added, “In fact, the only distinction between Trump’s political style and [McConnell and Boehner’s] was Trump’s lack of inhibition.”

Obama also accused Trump of appealing to white Americans to worry that a black man will become president.

“It was as if my very appearance in the White House had caused a deep-seated fear, a feeling that the normal order had been broken,” Obama wrote in his memoir.

“What exactly did Donald Trump understand when he began peddling lies that I wasn’t born in the United States and therefore thus an unconstitutional president,” he said.

“For millions of Americans, terrified by a Black man in the White House, he promised an elixir because of their racial anxieties,” Obama said.

According to CNN, Obama concluded that racial feelings “moved from the fringe of GOP politics to the core.”

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