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Report: Trump wants to launch his own conservative media giant and Fox News



Report: Trump wants to launch his own conservative media giant and Fox News
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A recent research revives rumours four years ago that Donald Trump might be switching from politics to the media, but introduces a new twist.

This time, Axios writes, his goal is to take over and kill Fox News.

In October 2016, when many assumed that Trump could not beat Democrat Hillary Clinton in the presidential race, the chatter of what was dubbed “Trump TV” spilled openly.

That talk is running again now that Democrat Joe Biden is leading the presidential race and has been proclaimed the winner by several news organisations. Trump’s team has initiated a number of litigation to contest elections in key states.

As Axios tells the tale, Fox’s early call for Trump to lose Arizona when the state was still very much in play was the final straw for the president, who had been deeply disenchanted with Fox’s coverage of his presidency.

Axios cited a source with extensive knowledge of Trump’s plans” as saying, “He’s planning to kill Fox. No doubt about that.”

The source said the president was “going to spend a lot of time slamming Fox.”

Axios remembered past rumours about any sort of “Trump TV” but acknowledged that the introduction of a cable network would be an expensive, laborious undertaking.

Instead the study said the president is proposing a streaming media outlet that will broadcast digitally, which would be cheaper and easier to launch.”

Will you pay for watching the “Trump Cable” subscription service?

How is it going to work? Axios has taken a guess.

“Trump’s digital offering will definitely charge MAGA fans a subscription fee. Many are Fox News fans, hoping to replace the network—and the $5.99-a-month Fox Country subscription service, which has an 85 per cent discussion rate from free trials to paying subscribers—as their top destination,” he added.

Trump has a massive database of allies, as well as a dedicated group that will be the cornerstone of every post-White House campaign.

Here and there the President signaled the Fox had lost his luster in his eyes.

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“Fox has changed a lot,” Trump said in a November 3 telephone interview with “Fox & Friends” on the network. “Somebody said to me, ‘What’s the greatest difference between now and four years ago? ‘And I say,’ Fox said. It’s a lot different.”

“I don’t complain—I just say them,” he said. “This is one of the major changes this season relative to the previous.”

One commentator said in 2016 that Trump could start a subscription service easily, according to NBC.

“If he’s able to start with a small slate, five, ten hours, mainly just him, and the rest can arrive in the next six months, he can get it up in three, four months and just develop from there,” said Alan Wolk, an industry analyst.

Adding unscripted reality show programming and on-demand videos could act as a gateway to more conventional programming, said Wolk.

“You can watch political things for free, his ad stuff, and then a combination of political and reality programming. If he has access to the beauty pageant videos, some form of fact,” said Wolk. “Those are down and filthy, and they will get up even sooner. Then he might have specials or movies on which he buys rights.”

Some expect that rather than establishing their own media network after leaving the White House, Trump will follow the current operation.

“Donald Trump has been, is and will still be a sensation in ratings,” said Christopher Rudy, CEO of Newsmax, according to the Los Angeles Times. “After the election, we will welcome his new show on Newsmax in a heartbeat.”

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