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Republicans Shoot Back When Pelosi and Schumer Make Crazy ‘Mandate’



Republicans Shoot Back When Pelosi and Schumer Make Crazy 'Mandate'
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It was Pelosi manipulation in its purest form on Thursday, but the Republicans shot right back.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has never been coy about revealing her talent for misreading the American electorate, but her press conference explaining the outcome of the November 3 election was a case study in the Political delirium.

And with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer squarely on board, he revealed just how dangerous his colleagues could be in positions of influence.

About the fact that Democrats have not yet won the presidential election, are unlikely to win control of the Senate, and have threatened to lose at least five seats in the House of Representatives while nearly all the predictions called for them to raise their majority, Pelosi and Schumer said on Thursday that Democrats had earned a “mandate” from American voters.

“What Joe Biden got in this election was a mandate—a mandate to fix the issues facing our country, as well as a constructive initiative about how to develop the economy in a reasonable manner,” Pelosi told reporters, according to The Washington Times.

“And in order to do so we need to resolve the pandemic of the COVID. We’ve got to.”

Oh, clearly, the country wants to cope with the coronavirus pandemic, the deadly disease introduced to the world by the Chinese government, with which former Vice President Joe Biden is so pleasant.

What is not so obvious is that the Political Party has gained a “mandate” to do so. The reality is that the presidential race remains undecided.

The fact that Biden is on target to beat President Donald Trump in the run-up to court decisions and electoral appeals does not change the truth that the election gap is razor-thin.

Is the Progressive Party shut down on polling day?

In certain conditions, any discussion of a “mandate” will be questionable.

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The reality are that American voters obviously crushed Schumer’s hope of potentially displacing Majority Leader Mitch McConnell from the Senate (Democrats will have to win two runoff votes in Georgia for a majority). They delivered a reprimand to the Democrats in Pelosi’s own House that few political observers predicted.

Under those cases, arguing of a “mandate” is absurd.

But that won’t deter Pelosi and her faction, or their bootlicking mass media allies, from complaining about it.

“This election was more, maybe more a vote about who could treat COVID better than anything else,” Schumer told reporters. “The Donald Trump approach has been repudiated, the Joe Biden approach has been adopted, and that’s why we believe there’s a stronger chance of seeing a bill in the lame-duck if only the Republicans stop supporting the ludicrous shenanigans that Trump is pushing them to do.”

If in reality, the president was “repudiated” by the public, as Schumer claimed, 70 million voters in the United States disagree, more than ever, he voted for Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama.

And while it’s true that Biden’s 75 million-plus overall popular vote was higher, the 3% disparity in his favour is a long way from a “embrace.”

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy did not waste time on Thursday hitting back on Pelosi’s claim.

“I heard the speaker call it a mandate,” McCarthy said at his own press conference, Fox News said.

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“It was a mandate to reject socialism,” he added. “It was a mandate against the police being disbursed. It was a mandate against the loss of a majority that the Democrats did for the last Congress.”

Those are the words Democrats who are not from easily secure districts like Pelosi’s San Francisco are likely to recall in the months and years ahead. Their party’s policies are putting their political futures at risk of being reversed with unprecedented discrimination.

Pelosi’s Thursday press conference was not the first time that she asserted a “mandate.” Last week, she used the same language to explain the election outcome, bringing into effect the first manipulation principle: repeat the line long enough and viewers will begin to think it is real.

The truth is that Pelosi’s party did not win a “mandate,” it won none of the sort.

And whatever the outcome of the general race, and even of the Georgian runoff contests, Pelosi’s rhetoric is not going to change that.

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