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TEEN VOGUE: ‘White Women Have to Respond to Back the Republican Candidate Again’



TEEN VOGUE: 'White Women Have to Respond to Back the Republican Candidate Again'
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Teen Vogue believes that white women ought to respond to their expanded support for President Donald Trump from 2016 to 2020.

Teen Vogue says, “How do we justify 2020 if internalized discrimination was to blame for white women’s preference in 2016? “Ten Vogue defines the option between President Trump and Joe Biden as the choice between “two demographically similar elderly white guys” and states that more white women still made the choice for President Trump in 2020 than in 2016.

“If internalized discrimination was to blame for white women‘s preference in 2016, how to justify 2020, an election in which electors have the choice of two demographically similar white males,” Teen Vogue wonders. “As a voting bloc, white women evidently doubled in their endorsement of Trump, preferring to associate themselves with research, reproductive freedom, diplomacy, and economic solvency in support of the spoils they (we?) enjoy as secondary benefactors of white supremacy.”

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“After the 2016 election, an unprecedented three million women came out to oppose Trump’s inauguration. Yet since the most recent election, and watching white women’s support for Trump rise, the turnout feels performative in a way that at this stage has become all too familiar,” says Teen Vogue. “How many white women put a black square on their Instagram feeds after George Floyd and Breonna Taylor died this summer? How many white women took to the streets with posters and a Virtual Organizing OOTD – signaling their support for the Black Lives Matter movement? ”

This is not the first time that Teen Vogue, a publication specifically targeted at children, has been accused of telling children anti-white myths.

Back in July, Teen Vogue also came after white women in July when ‘Women Have Always Been Part of White Oppression’ was written.

In the first paragraph:

TEEN VOGUE: 'White Women Have to Respond to Back the Republican Candidate Again'

“If you look back at the photos of the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, you could get the sense that women were overwhelmingly absent. But that doesn’t mean that they haven’t always been present in white nationalist thoughts and acts in very important, if less memorable, ways.”

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Teen Vogue goes a long way to map out that historically white-women have been a key part of the “normalization” of white supremacy since 1877. Some would argue, among other complaints, that this is not a tone that should be taken when you approach children as young as 8 years of age.

“White women in the United States are number two in a highly rooted racial hierarchy. And when we speak about the challenge of whiteness or violent mass demonstrations to maintain the order, we still talk about women, too.”

Other objectionable topics, including the glorification of abortion, sponsored the radical militant group Antifa, Anal 101, and the glorification of Sex Work.

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