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Trump likes his chances in Arizona as he’s quickly closing the distance with Biden



Trump likes his chances in Arizona as he's quickly closing the distance with Biden.
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President Donald Trump is inspired by the numbers he sees coming from Arizona, which is also in the process of counting ballots.

“From 200,000 ballots to fewer than 10,000. If we can audit the total votes cast, we can easily win Arizona as well! “Thursday, Trump tweeted.

He replied to an article in the Arizona Republic, the headline of which stated that Trump, based on the remaining ballots, was not going to surpass Biden.

The Associated Press called Arizona for Biden the day after last week’s presidential election, despite nearly 600,000 ballots to be counted at 11 a.m. That day, guy.

CNN recorded that day that Biden kept the nearly 93,000-vote advantage, or 51 percent to 47.6 percent (3.4 percentage point difference), down from more than 6-point lead on election night.

And the Democratic leadership has started to shrink since with Biden currently ahead of Trump by 0.34 percentage points (49.41 to 49.07 per cent) or 11,537 votes as of Thursday afternoon.

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Do you think that Trump will still win in Arizona and other swing states?

Garrett Archer of Phoenix ABC affiliate KNXV-TV tweeted Wednesday night that there were less than 25.000 votes to be counted, with the majority of those in Pima County (where Tucson is located) that Biden carried overall.

Trump would have to take almost three-quarters of the ballots to drive his Democratic opponent forward.

Automatic recounts in Arizona are almost difficult to cause, involving a gap of 0.1 percentage points or 200 votes between candidates, whichever is smaller.

Trump’s campaign filed a lawsuit in Arizona over the weekend, arguing that in-person ballots were unfairly rejected, The Hill published.

In a Monday letter to Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, GOP State Senate President Karen Fann called for an impartial review of the polling data in the Grand Canyon State to resolve fears that the machine tabulated results might not be correct, as has been the case in other states.

Some like Trump, also suggested findings in some states that could have been engineered technologically to support Biden.

Any notable tabulation mistake that has been found so far seems to have operated against the Republican nominee, even the Michigan county, who ultimately went to Trump, not Biden, as originally announced.

“If the claims of bribery are baseless, an impartial analysis will restore legitimacy and potentially bring an end to the ongoing debate about justice in the Arizona election process,” Fann wrote.

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Hobbs, a Democrat, answered in a letter to Fann, “It is patently unwise to say that, considering the presence of zero reliable evidence of any impropriety or systematic irregularities, election officials nevertheless have a duty to prove negative.”

Arizona GOP Rep. Paul Gosar noted that when Hobbs ran for office in 2018, she said, “I think we’re going to do a decent job in electing state-wide democrats. And the Secretary of State’s office is how we’re going to hang on to such successes, how we’re going to try to make progress in the legislature.”

Additionally, Trump’s campaign legal team counsel Ron Coleman objected to Hobbs’ 2017 tweet that she referred to the President’s followers as his “neo-Nazi base.”

“This is Arizona’s Secretary of State,” Coleman said. “The one in charge of the registration of the ballot.”

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