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DC Mayor Says ‘Nothing Scarier’ than talking to people without a mask



DC Mayor Says 'Nothing Scarier' than talking to people without a mask
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Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser has entrusted her darkest fears to the few thousand close trustees who track her on Twitter.

“There’s nothing more terrifying than sharing a chat with someone who’s not wearing a mask. Don’t scare others about it. #MaskUpDC,” she tweeted on Friday.

Bowser gave D.C. on Thursday. Residents have a difficult debate on the issue of the following government directives surrounding coronavirus.

“We must all recall all the suggestions we have provided during the last few weeks … don’t get tired of being careful about COVID,” said the Democratic Mayor, according to WTOP-TV.

“Take your mask, cap your journeys. Don’t want to do all of this on the same day from shopping, cooking, to getting your hair done. Be careful of the informal meetings. People who are at home or at the home of a family member, with people they know—they let their defenses down,” she said.

Bowser also added D.C. It can also enforce additional limits on its citizens.

Bowser’s mask tweet was roundly mocked.

Last weekend, Bowser’s own activities were in the spotlight as she flew to Delaware, which is on the list of high-risk states, to be present when Joe Biden gave a speech to honor the fact that media organizations had proclaimed him the winner of the presidential election.

It’s D.C. Health Director Dr. LaQuandra Nesbitt said that the uptick in cases was presumably not due to the timing of the polls, but may be related to Halloween, according to the WTOP.

“Some people may have been celebrating in a conventional manner, holding small parties or traveling to certain places or social events where they are doing as is normal across the U.S., spending time in households and indoor gatherings,” Nesbitt said according to WTOP.

Is it an absurd comment?

She also criticized individuals gathering in small groups for not agreeing with the law.

“But 60 percent of people who record social interaction claim that social distance or mask-wearing has not been adhered to so people don’t wear a mask, they let their guard down,” Nesbitt said.

“And this is really a concept or a construction in which people who are out in these social contexts or attend social-related activities are more likely to be in these smaller intimate spaces, where social distances and wearing masks are not consistent.”

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