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5 Pitfalls To Avoid When Working As A Writer



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When working as a writer of articles that will go online, you need to be really careful. Some mistakes can really ruin your reputation. Let’s look at five things you need to avoid as a writer.

1- Don’t Add Facts Without Double-Check

When you mention facts in an article, you need to carefully double-check the references. If somebody finds a flaw in your material, they will hit the weakest point. If you have ten verified facts and one is doubtful, you will have to give justifications for a very long time.

Do not think that you can correct it later. Once published on the Internet, material (be it a comment, article, or something else) will go to the cache of search engines, cunning people will take screenshots, and you will have to answer.

For example, the dissertation writing services UK mentions on the website that they have 100+ professionals with masters’ degrees. If somebody gets to know that it is not true, it will hurt the reputation. People will no longer trust such services and will look for other options.

2- Don’t Jump To Conclusions

The best way to create an interesting article is to make people curious so they read it fully to reach the end. Therefore, try not to make decisions for the audience; do not hang labels like “best in category”. Just show all the initial facts and say judge for yourself.

Therefore, it is better to make people end an article with a proper conclusion. If you mention it at the beginning, the reader will have the same thing in mind and won’t be able to make his or her own decision. People know how to draw conclusions so let them do it.

3- Replying To Comments

The main rule of any response to a comment is never to respond directly to the person who contacted you.

In a post with expected readability of about 30 thousand people, let’s say a comment appears on the fifth thousand. You have to answer it not for the commentator, but for the next 25 thousand people. If the comment is good, you just get personal, and you get the feeling of a get-together. If the comment is negative, then most likely you will not convince the person, but others will notice your argument.

Do not reply unless required. Think about how others will respond and give them the opportunity to say something. This is important for two reasons:

  • Firstly, you cannot turn comments into interviews with you (users must communicate with each other).
  • Secondly, even your strong answer, squeezed into the framework of corporate ethics, politeness, and other norms can be less effective than the intervention by someone else. Therefore, sometimes it is better to remain silent.

4-  Choosing The Pictures

Images that accompany your text have more impact on the readers. Therefore, pictures should have a separate value. The post image works as a second headline. The general rules are:

  • No glossiness: the more realistic the picture, the less chance that the material will be perceived as an advertisement.
  • Less visual noise: one object that is easy to interpret.
  •  Nice colors. Note that many images can be significantly enhanced by warm colors.

Another good idea is to look for online help. Like online assignment help, there are artists available on the internet that will do the illustrations for all your posts in the same style. This approach will require additional investment, but the result will make you stand out among hundreds and thousands of other authors.

5- Writing On Sensitive Topics

When writing on topics that are sensitive to readers, you need to be really careful. For example, if writing about a certain community, make sure you don’t write anything that can offend them. It is even better if you avoid writing on such topics which can affect the emotions of the readers.

Also, be careful when using the published material again, this can create a problem of plagiarism. You can use it on platforms where this issue won’t occur i.e. Facebook.

Final Words:

These tips will help the copywriters to avoid any conflict and save the reputation of the blog, product, or service.

google news

Hello. I am a freelance writer with years of experience. I have written on different topics which makes me versatile to write on any type of content you want. I ensure you that the content that will provide to you will be of good quality and free of plagiarism.

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