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Biden Given Vaccine Info Early, Trump Forced To Learn About It From the News



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Politics has tarnished the timing of promising strides in attempts to combat coronavirus, according to a recent survey.

The meaning of the article released last week by RealClearPolitics is that the drug giant Pfizer, which reported the creation of a 90 percent successful vaccine the week after the presidential election, not only kept the news until after the election but shared it with the supposed future President-elect Joe Biden and not with the President-in-Office.

That’s a big deal, so many of the electors sold their concerns about COVID-19 into the ballot box.

RealClearPolitics claimed that what it called the One Senior White House Official Oversight of Vaccine Production” said to the web, “It’s a scandal.”

“They deliberately didn’t look at the data as it was first scheduled,” the source said. “So it would actually have been revealed in October if they had looked at it as originally intended.”

In fact, Pfizer had intended to report what was known as the initial interim review in October, but ultimately postponed beginning an analysis of the vaccine trial the day after the election day.

The STATnews report, which reported the result, noted that as a result of this move, “the statistical strength of the result is likely to be much greater than initially expected”

“This also indicates that if Pfizer had complied with the original schedule, the data would undoubtedly have been usable in October, as its CEO, Albert Bourla, had originally expected,” said the paper.

President Donald Trump did not assume that the timing was accidental.

“As I’ve been saying for a long time, @Pfizer and the others will only launch a Vaccine after the election because they haven’t had the confidence to do so before. Likewise, @US FDA should have confirmed it sooner, not for political reasons, but for life-saving purposes! “He’s tweeted.

Pfizer’s breakthrough was revealed in the world on Monday. Nov. 9, in a New York Times post.

Then and only then, did the White House hear that Trump’s apparent breakthrough had finally been completed for months, according to RealClearPolitics, quoting what he called the “Senior White House Assistant.”

Has anti-Trump politics polluted every corner of the establishment?

However, Biden was told the night before the word was made public, the site reported.

Biden called progress a “cause for hope,” but in keeping with his campaign pledge to enforce stringent lockdowns, he said it improved nothing.

“This fall, the head of the CDC warned that the mask will be a more effective tool against the virus in the near future than the vaccine,” Biden said in a statement.

“The news of today does not alter this immediate fact. Americans would have to focus on masking, distancing, touch monitoring, hand washing, and other interventions to keep themselves healthy by next year.”

Pfizer, at first, denied that it was part of what Trump dubbed Operation Warp Pace, which was the administration’s attempt to get the vaccine to patients even faster than the experts said. The corporation later admitted that it was secretly collaborating for the Trump White House.

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