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How Will AI Development Services Revolutionise Mobile Apps in 2021?



Hire AI Engineers
Hire AI Engineers
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‘Artificial Intelligence Mobile App Development’ – is a new buzzword for 2021. It is a sheer amalgamation of global USD 62.3 billion of artificial intelligence and USD 170.52 billion of mobile app development market size. When the two mega tech streams combine together – it is a perfect recipe for revolution.

In 2021, mobile users are projected to download 196 billion mobile apps from only the Google Play Store. The mobile app development market is already blooming to a great extend – from business to personal perspective. Today, AI development services have gifted users with highly functional mobile apps like Cortana, Robin, ELSA, FaceApp, and other AI-driven apps.

But, consumers always want more and more – one study showcased that 88% of US consumers want to engage with brands that are raising bars of their expectations. The leading AI software development companies like Alphabet, Salesforce, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, and NVIDIA are well aware of consumers that behaviour. Thus, they are ready to hire AI engineers to provide revolutionary AI development services.

What Artificial Intelligence Mobile App Development Holds in 2021?

Artificial Intelligence means imitating intelligent behavior to make autonomous decisions. According to McKinsey Global Institute, AI can be divided into five segments – robotic process automation, natural language, computer vision, virtual assistants, and advanced machine learning.

In the mobile app development context, AI possibilities are infinite – from embedded chatbots to context-aware sensors. In 2021, mobile app developers will discover all those infinite possibilities to revolutionary AI mobile apps. There are so many options for programmers to explore, but primarily following AI development services are projected to be a big part of the mobile app development –

More Personalised User Experience

The intervention of AI technology has broadened the user experience benchmark for mobile app users. People are expecting a more personalized and in-depth mobile performance from AI software development companies.

Big brands like Nike, Starbucks, and Tommy Hilfiger have already started collecting and analyzing customers’ data to deliver a personalized experience. Thus, in the following year, chatbots are going to be a major part of the mobile apps. If your mobile app starts to provide you styling tips and outfit suggestions as per your mood, don’t be surprised.

Since smartphones are already equipped with tracking, camera, and microphone features, so making robust AI mobile applications will be dynamic. On the top, Apple has revealed that iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR will include an A12 bionic chip to utilize AI hardware – the way developers can never imagine before. Therefore, upcoming AI mobile apps will be more personalized due to the contextual user behavior approach.

More Power to Voice-Controlled Assistant

Through Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, or Amazon’s Alexa, mobile users have already experienced voice-controlled assistance. So, in 2021, companies will be looking forward to hire AI developers to give more power to voice-controlled assistant.

Currently, Amazon is leading the voice interface market, and Google is trying to match strides, but Amazon’s Alexa is already integrated with an array of products. Alexa is breaking the boundaries of homes and moving outside. Amazon is teaming up with Ford to bring Alexa into cars. Now, that’s how AI development services are channelizing to engulf your day to day life.

More Control Over Users

Retail businesses like Amazon and eBay have already empowered their mobile apps with AI technology. In changing user dynamics, AI apps are turning out to be a great way to understand consumer behaviour for enterprises.

The AI software development companies are integrating AI algorithms into various tools to secure their brand environment. This technology helps businesses deeply engaging with their users and provide personalized marketing solutions for them. For example, many eCommerce companies send deals and offer mobile push notifications to their customers based on their previous purchase history. Today, AI-driven apps are required by businesses to improve sales, traffic, and design personalized marketing strategies.

More Dynamic Search Engines

Presently, mobile applications take input from users’ text or voice, but it is already changing. Imagine, if you don’t know the name or description of the product that you want to buy online, how will you search for it? Simply, with AI visual search engine apps.

Using artificial intelligence, visual search can be incorporated into mobile apps. In visual search, AI technology recognizes the image’s context using the location of the device. When voice recognition and visual recognition are embedded in a mobile app, it is a perfect way to increase conversion rates. That’s why brands like Alibaba, Neiman Marcus, ASOS, Pinterest, Amazon, and Google have already been using visual search tools. In 2021, AI visual search enabled mobile apps going to be part of mainstream development.

More Secured Mobile Apps

Alone in the first half of 2020, 540 cases of a data breach have already been recorded. Now, when mobile banking and shopping has become common, the need for secure mobile apps is a necessity. Thus, numerous mobile app development companies are looking to hire AI engineers to create secure apps using face recognition technology.

The face recognition technique is powered by AI that can enhance the security levels of a mobile application. Apple’s face recognition is one of the advanced tools that can recognize a face with even small facial changes. In the future face recognition, things are going take a 360-degree turn with the features like –

  • Kids can be restricted from watching certain advertisements.
  • Fraud detection will become more prominent.
  • Use in the medical field to detect symptoms and provide diagnoses, etc.

Bottom Line

AI mobile app development is expected to grow beyond the limits in 2020. Developers have so many new opportunities in their hands to develop innovative mobile apps. With the AI mobile app revaluation, the way humans and machines interact is changing to a great extent. AI is going to be a significant part of mobile app development – just wait and be ready to embrace Artificial Intelligence Mobile Apps!

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