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MSNBC’s Craig Melvin Left Shocked and Speechless After Hot Mic Captures Guest Profane Outburst



MSNBC's Craig Melvin Left Shocked and Speechless After Hot Mic Captures Guest Profane Outburst
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MSNBC anchor Craig Melvin experienced a bumpy deviation Tuesday after NBC News reporter Ken Dilanian used profane words in response to his on-air presentation.

The profane conversation came when Melvin asked his guest to address the ramifications of the Trump administration’s refusal to work with the Biden Transition Team before the 2020 presidential election results have been approved.

In response to the shock of many viewers, Dilanian reacted to Melvin’s introduction by saying, “Oh—. F—-.”

“OK,” said Melvin. “I guess we’ve lost Ken for a second. We’re going to try to get him out there.”

Subsequently, Melvin cut off Dilanian—but the damage had already been done, and the audience was able to take note of the social media.

According to Mediaite, Melvin labeled the mistake as a “technical challenge.”

Can you really think this was the product of technological difficulties?

Clearly embarrassed by the error, Dilanian was eventually taken back to the air and apologised to the audience for using profane words.

“Hey Craig, kid. First, I want to deeply apologize to the viewers who may have seen me use profanity at the top of the last hit,” said Dillian.

“What we are discovering today is the possible effect of the Trump administration’s refusal to consider Biden’s victory in the intelligence arena in particular.”

Apologizing more, Dilanian went on Twitter to clarify what had happened.

Dilanian explained that he had technical problems and that he “mistakenly” hanged up on the control room with his mic still on.

This is not the first time a news anchor or photographer has screamed or behaved negatively under the mistaken impression that they were no longer on the air.

On Monday, Fox News anchor Sandra Smith seemed to be oblivious that she was already on the air with a hot mic as she responded to a pundit’s argument that Biden’s election victory was unconstitutional.

Smith’s energetic on-air response came after a pundit said, “Whoever chooses to be president, remember, only because CNN or even Fox News thinks someone’s president doesn’t make them president.”

Smith squinted at the camera and asked, “What’s wrong? ”

The pundit went on to state, “I think everyone needs to know that this has been conducted properly and lawfully and that we trust the outcome.”

“What’s going on? “Smith is looking back and scratching her head in disapproval.

Unlike Dilanian, Smith did not comment on the mishap.

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