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What Parents Should Know About Sex Trafficking



What Parents Should Know About Sex Trafficking
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Gone are the days when kids and parents had strong bonding. Now, technology has minimized communication between family members, and everyone prefers to use a mobile phone than talking with each other. Our fresh generation, which is also known as Z Gen, is not easy to control. The most common reason is that it’s a digital era, and parents can stay with their children 24/7. Here, this situation leads our children to the evil side of technology. Excessive internet usage opens the door to cyber threats and increases the chances of danger exposure.

The most growing online danger is sex trafficking worldwide. It also refers to modern slavery and makes teens do commercial sex acts. Sex traffickers target teenagers and use different tricks to persuade them, including debt bondage, threats, violence, etc.

Here, we will discuss modern slavery and the solution (android spy) to protect teens from sex traffickers.

Sex Trafficking – The Definition

It refers to human trafficking for sexual abuse. Online sex traffickers usually target grooming kids and force them to do commercial sexual activities.

Many cases were reported about such abusive activities, and these happen through social media sites, including Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Statistics – Human Trafficking 

Lack of communication between parents and kids has increased the chance of online abuse because our new generation wants to share the insecurities with someone. They often find such friends on social networking sites and build a strong bond. Later, such friendship leads to threats, debt bondage, etc.

Find out about the victims and learn about the growing percentage.

1 – 80% of human trafficking happens for commercial sexual activities.

2 – Most victims of sex trafficking are girls.

3 – In the last few years, 6000 kids have been rescued from online threats and frauds.

4 – Chat rooms are the common source to target teenagers.

5 – Sex traffickers 30% use advertisement posts to attract girls and women’s attention.

Social media is like a weapon that can harm our children within seconds. But we can protect them by using spying tools and monitor their online activities. They have no idea whom they should believe and what they should talk about with strangers. But the first step to guarding the kids is communication.


Read the next section to find out.

Talk Openly – Tell the Teens About Potential Dangers 

In this technology era, we can’t let the kids go on their way. We should communicate with them about internet usage and what are cyber etiquettes. When a child uses internet in excess, it enables them to explore every site, whether its appropriate or not. Parents need to talk openly about sex trafficking and its consequences.

Use Android Spy App – Shield the Children from Commercial Sexual Acts

Parents need to install the android spyware to check the online activities of kids because sometimes teens hide text abbreviations. It requires installation on the target phone, then it allows the end-user to access the social media profiles. The end-user can easily read the text messages, IMs, hack the contacts, listen to the call recordings, etc. If anyone tries to reach the kid online, parents can easily detect and stop interaction with strangers. Location-based services also help a lot and allow the parents to track location plus set the safe or unsafe zones.

Final Thoughts 

Sex traffickers post commercial sex activities on the dark web and earn thousands of dollars. Such online threats make the kids do illegal activities and harm their mental health. Sometimes, human traffickers use violence to harm children physically, especially girls. But now, we can protect them using the android spy app. These non-intrusive apps work in the background and do not give any clue to the target device user.

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