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American Medical Association Reports that Racism is really a Public Health Threat



American Medical Association Reports that Racism is really a Public Health Threat
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The American Medical Association (AMA) agreed to identify bigotry as an “urgent danger to public health” and to “fully seek to dismantle racial policies and procedures of health care.”

The AMA is made up of tens of thousands of doctors.

The step had left some applause for the action, whilst others were left frightened.

RT reports: The latest legislative guidelines, implemented on Monday, are aimed at countering racist policies and activities in all US healthcare industries, according to a press release on the AMA website.

“The AMA recognizes that inequality adversely affects and exacerbates health inequalities within traditionally disadvantaged groups,” said Board Member Dr. Willarda V. Edwards at the AMA House of Delegates conference, adding that without structural reform, “the public health of the country will suffer.”

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Among other items, the organization pledged to acknowledge “the damage created by prejudice and implicit bias in medical science to support medical education curricula to “promote greater awareness of the issue, and to seek to avoid the impact of racism and bias in health technology innovation.” The AMA also outlined three aspects of health care racism: “systemic,” “cultural” and “systemic”

Reaction to AMA’s decision was unsurprisingly divided on social media, with some cheering up while others lifting their eyebrows in frustration as to why it was considered appropriate.

Any of the comments protested about what they perceived as the politicization of science.

“Do I need to have an annual racial check-up? Is there a vaccine in there yet? “One of the critics on Twitter quipped.

Others were alarmed by AMA’s change, speculating that it might actually subvert healthcare, since ‘racism’ would be viewed differently by each physician.

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