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Biden Squad Begs For $30M To Battle Trump Litigation Amid Claims for Electoral Victory



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Despite receiving near-universal proclamations of mainstream media victory and maintaining a checked “transition squad” account on Twitter, Joe Biden-Kamala Harris’s campaign behind closed doors begs backers to collect $30 million in election integrity cases brought by Donald Trump.

Emails from the Democratic National Committee and the Biden campaign were sent to supporters last week calling for funding to “relaunch our Biden Battle Fund” to make sure that Trump doesn’t win them simply because we don’t have the resources to fight back.”

“The problem facing our country is extreme, from climate change to racial inequality,” the letter said. “We need to step up NOW to increase the support we need and get the requisite funds and ensure that the Biden Harris Transition Team has the resources it needs to keep on target and be ready for the opening day of January 20, 2021.”

“Because of the $5000 cap, we need Everybody to concentrate on raising this money now the email requested, adding that the Biden Campaign and DNC “would not be asking if we just didn’t need $30 million to be able to finance the legal work ahead of us—we can’t run out of cash now, which is why we need to fill this fund as fast as we can.”

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The sound of the email is clearly opposed to the public tone of the Biden movement, which claimed victory on election days before recounts were made.

Last week, National Intelligence Chief John Ratcliffe reported that Biden would not collect confidential national security information because the General Services Administration has not decided the winner of the election:

The National Intelligence Director’s Office reported this week that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden would not access classified national security details and associated intelligence assessments because the U.S. President’s 2020 winner has not been confirmed by the U.S. General Services Administration.

“ODNI maintains the legislative path laid out in the Presidential Transition Act, which allows a nominee to be determined by the GSA Administrator prior to endorsing a possible presidential transition,” said National Intelligence Director John Ratcliffe in a statement to NBC News this week. “ODNI will not have contact with the transfer team until the GSA administrator has been informed.”

Biden still would not obtain the President’s Regular Brief and President Donald Trump has not approved the publication of numerous intelligence information to the Biden team.

Despite this the Biden-Harris Transition Team reported that they would be getting a “national security briefing” on Tuesday, without specifying who would be holding the briefing.

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