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Itxu Díaz: We have to hit China when it hurts the most



Itxu Díaz: We have to hit China when it hurts the most
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Too many people claim that China is not entirely a revolting socialist empire, only because its people know how to produce powerful laptops.

Granted, it’s more than I know how to do but I, on the other hand, have something they don’t have the right to say and think whatever I want. And I wouldn’t have traded it for either of China’s sad Huawei, which is to compute what Paulo Coelho is to philosophy.

We are used to communism, undermining even the most charismatic industries of every region. It’s P.J. O’Rourke said, “You can’t get a successful Chinese takeover in China, and Cuban cigars are rationed in Cuba. This is what you need to hear about communism.”

And it is worth noting that it is only through blood, bribery, and stealing that China continues to hold a relevant role in the global technology market. Under Communism and playing fair, the most highly sophisticated product it could produce would be a grain of rice.

Today, the Chinese may be able to make good appliances—especially instruments of war and torture—often by means of patents stolen from other countries, but their citizens are still starving, Christians are more oppressed than ever, and everyone who goes off-script ends up in prison, including the 39-year-old journalist Zhang Zhan, who was detained in Wuhan because his coverage of the pandemic did not satisfy the reg.

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Since anything that is not banned in China is obligatory.

Last summer, a Christian family in China’s Xinye County held a funeral for an elderly man who had died the day before. More than a dozen policemen blocked the funeral procession by obstructing the way of the motorcycle casket, confiscating some Bibles, and arresting a large portion of the bereaved attendees. Sleeping behind bars has also been added to the drama of missing a loved one. I trust the departed has been allowed to continue on his way to heaven.

They sent a revolting letter to relatives: the Chinese government has agreed to outlaw all Christian weddings and funerals.

Over the summer, the faithful have resigned themselves to this new law for one compelling reason the government sends bulldozers and ruins churches that fail to obey.

This is the sort of democracy that Joe Biden claims we’re going to get along with.

Personally, I’d rather get along with vermin and slugs than be buddies with Xi Jinping’s executioners.

The United States must unite the free West, at least the countries that have not yet been muddled and stifle Xi Jinping’s regime once and for all. Taiwan is the only decent nation in China. Even if there were sufficient reasons to welcome the Taiwanese to our parties and party with them until dawn, there are now more than ever: not least because we know that they were the first to sound the alarm about the deadly pandemic that was going on all over the planet.

They did it on December 31, 2019. Yet nobody was listening to them.

I suppose the useful fools of the World Health Organisation grinned sheepishly and said, “Ah, what more will Taiwan say? “And he started to get drunk.

A few weeks ago, Taiwan’s ambassador to Spain clarified the five main principles that helped the country to resolve the coronavirus without lockdowns, bar and restaurant closures and without ruining its economy: “experience, rapid reaction, modern technology deployment, openness and citizen cooperation.”

Perhaps that is why the WHO demands that Taiwan be removed from the team of experts from the countries battling the pandemic.

This tiny information alone is enough to explain why leaving the WHO was the most important and insightful decision Donald Trump took as President of the United States. The WHO is not the World Health Organisation, but the Beijing branch, an authoritarian and bloodthirsty dictatorship specialising not in protecting, but in bringing an end to, lives.

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If the WHO is a hospital, it would mean that the dying are not exactly dead, just merely people who stopped living.

Do you think that the administration of Joe Biden will be too quick for China?

China’s been lying all this time. There was no single fact concerning the coronavirus pandemic. Worse the Chinese have not allowed other countries to examine the sources of the disease.

So when we try to get rid of this smelly socialist bug, there might be another, and another and another. And it will still be the same pattern: the whole world is dying as China boasts of its remarkable potential for economic resilience to the health crisis.

A note for helpful fools: if the Chinese economy rises, it is not because of the pandemic, but because of it.

The next planet will have to choose between submission or war with China. Don’t ask a man like Biden to take the brave path.

If the crossroads really faces the West after Christmas, pray that Trump will be in control of the situation. Biden and Harris will squint their eyes, recite to Mao, and crawl in the dirt, rather than confront the red giant to protect the independence of the United States of America.

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