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New Recordings: BLM Protester Labeled Knife, said I Would Kill You’



BLM Knife Kod
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Photographs circulated on Saturday showing a female Black Lives Matter activist lying unconscious on the ground in Washington, D.C. Since the March of the Million Magas. While the video and eyewitness accounts on the scene indicated that the woman was carrying a knife, the precise sequence of events leading up to the knockout was unclear until Sunday, when the footage of the entire altercation surfaced.

In the footage, a black woman wearing the “Black Lives Matter” banner can be seen trying to drive a bike into a small group of Trump supporters.

The knife activist can be seen in the background. She wears a motorcycle hat, brandishes an American flag personnel allegedly stolen, and refers the woman on the motorcycle to be her wife. Several cases of flags taken from protest participants being used as weapons by Black Lives Matter and Antifa were reported on Saturday.


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Holding the knife blade down in a stabbing stance, the agitator then charges a number of Trump backers and lifts the sword as if to attack.

“Put that down,” someone says, and the armed agitator yells in response, “Don’t threaten my wife or I’ll kill you.”

A guy then comes in and snatches the stolen flag from the agitator, and briefly loses the knife in the scuffle. Since missing the flag pole, the agitator takes up the knife and runs towards the crowd, but a guy sporting a Proud Boys shirt hits her in the chest with a helmet, leaving her unconscious.

As National File reported on Saturday, the viewers then jumped in to snatch the lethal weapon from the rioter’s clutches and hand it over to the authorities:

One of the BLM rioters holding a knife had been knocked unconscious for her trouble and had to be helped by the officers.

Several left-wing Twitter commentators and BLM/Antifa activists tried to argue that the woman was actually defending herself from violent “Bad Boys – as Joe Biden calls them – but the video released on Sunday supports eyewitness claims that the woman was approaching the crowd with a knife while yelling lethal warnings.

Conservative activists have observed that in the cases of Antifa and BLM surprise assaults on Trump backers, the Proud Boys did not jump in to kick the woman and do more harm until the threat had been neutralised.


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