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Second Georgia County Reveals Thousands of votes, the most of which is for Trump



Second Georgia County Reveals Thousands of votes, the most of which is for Trump
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Georgia’s Secretary of State announced on Tuesday that the second district, in as many days, had learned that it had not tallied all its ballots on Election Day.

In both cases, the vote unraveled during the Peach State presidential race recount leading to the shrinking of Democratic Joe Biden’s lead over President Donald Trump.

“Gabriel Sterling, with the GA Sec. of the State Office, claims 2,755 votes contained in Fayette County. Unlike in Floyd County, the votes in the system were scanned. 1577 for Donald Trump, 128 for Joe Biden. That’s a net income of over 400 for Trump,” tweeted WXIA-TV reporter Hope Ford.

Georgia Republican Party Chairman David Shafer wrote in reaction to the news: “More uncounted votes found during the Fayette County hand count, many for @realDonaldTrump.”

On Monday, election authorities found that 2,600 votes in the northwest of Floyd County had not been counted on Election Day.

Do you think the results of the Georgia referendum have been altered?

Trump scored nearly 800 votes for the mistake.

Republican Rep. Doug Collins, who is leading the Trump campaign in Georgia, tweeted after Monday’s revelation, “That’s precisely why we called for a hand recount.”

“We will never have heard about these votes without the recount,” he said.

Currently, just under 14,000 votes split Trump and Biden from Georgia.


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Politico identified “unexplained” technical bugs in the Dominion Voting Systems program on election day in the state of Spalding and Morgan counties, which originally prohibited voters from casting ballots.

Both counties have gone heavily to Trump.

Gabriel Sterling, the manager of the development of the voting system at the Georgia Secretary of State’s office, “said reporters at a news conference on Nov. 3 that the issue in both counties was potentially a dataset that had been submitted to the networks, but that the state did not know for sure,” according to Politico.

Top election security experts told The Western Journal in April that voting information programmes can be hacked and reprogrammed to distort voting numbers.

One feature all electronic voting systems have in common is a portable drive or memory card that engages in two-way contact with the database when the results of each voting machine are submitted.

Harri Hursti—one of the world’s leading election security specialists and the subject of the HBO documentary “Kill Chain: Cyber War on US Elections”—explained that both of these systems are designed to coordinate and transmit data to a central database.

“In fact, the memory cards have a programming hand,” he said. “Programming will have a lot of logic here. That the computer will dynamically look at what’s going on and determine on the spot what needs to be done in this precinct on this unit” as part of improving the overall outcome.


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