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Star Wars Fans Freak When Baby Yoda Eats Unhatched Eggs When Actual Children Are Aborted Every Day



Star Wars Fans Freak When Baby Yoda Eats Unhatched Eggs When Actual Children Are Aborted Every Day
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What is worse, the actual killing of an unborn child or the imaginary eating of unfertilized eggs by an alien species?

Ridiculous as it is if you’re a Democrat, you’re definitely going to pick the latter.

During Friday’s episode of the wildly successful Star Wars TV series “The Mandalorian,” one of the main characters of the show, affectionately called Baby Yoda, did exactly that and caused the anger of audiences everywhere.

In the episode, the titular Mandalorian, who is the protector of Baby Yoda, was charged with ferrying a frog-like alien and her canister of unfertilized eggs around the galaxy.

The alien species is vulnerable, and the few hundred eggs that it has in its possession are the only chance of survival of its species.

In the way, the cute Baby Yoda repeatedly steals and eats unfertilized eggs that are played for laughs.

However many hardcore Star Wars fans did not think Baby Yoda’s acts to be especially amusing.

One Vanity Fair report noted that a contingent of Twitter followers have taken action seriously, expressing frustration and disappointment that the series will shed light on something that is both a personal invasion and a possible extinction event.”

“I just want to know who felt it was a smart idea. Like we have this lady whose species is on the brink of extinction, and she’s very protective of these her eggs.’ ‘We should have Baby Yoda eat them.’ ‘Hey yay dude, bro high five’ Like what?’ “One Twitter user was updated on Nov. 9, according to Vanity Fair.

Will there be more indignation at the death of infants in the womb?


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“Baby Yoda, not understanding anything better… genocide for the sake of ‘sweet comedy’ is never really funny,” another said. “I know, I chuckled, but I really felt bad about it.”

The unprecedented uproar on Twitter and the near-cancellation of Baby Yoda is alarming in contrast to the lack of anger in America over the murder of unborn human beings.

And anybody who cares more for the lifeless embryos of this imaginary alien than unborn infants is profoundly hypocritical and unaware of the horrors of the abortion industry.

Luckily, at least a few people on Twitter found this irony and were able to call it out.

Hilariously, The Babylon Bee, a Christian parody news website, wrote an article mocking this irony entitled “Disney Edits Divisive Mandalorian Scene But Baby Yoda Just Eats An Unborn Baby.”

“Apologizing for the scene that upset many corners of the internet with Baby Yoda eating so-called CGI eggs, the studio revealed that Baby Yoda would simply abort an unborn baby instead,” wrote the parody blog.

“Some viewers were furious that Baby Yoda ate an unfertilized, totally fake, alien egg, and we think they’re going to find this even less objectionable,” said one of the show’s creators. ‘It’s just a human fetus—no life there. The foetus is a fungus, after all and it is much ickyer than the unfertilized eggs that this entirely fictitious character had contained in this jar.'”

“Pro-life groups opposed the amendment, but they were soon decried as anti-science moustaches that clearly only want to dominate the bodies of people.”

Granted, this is not a one-to-one comparison.

The explanation leftists were presumably so worried about the fictitious alien’s eggs was that they belonged to an endangered species.

However the degree of indignation that has been fuelled by this contrived dilemma is truly disturbing, considering the lack of comparable levels of indignation for the very genuine crimes against humanity that have been perpetrated throughout our world.

The youngest and most helpless of us are slaughtered needlessly every single year by hundreds of thousands, and their plight is taking a back seat to the unfertilized eggs of an imagined frog.

Can American society sink to a lower level?


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