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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Admits Censoring NY Post Story to Hunter Biden Was ‘False’



Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Admits Censoring NY Post Story to Hunter Biden Was 'False'
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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey admitted at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Tuesday that the social media giant was unfair to block New York Post tweets about Hunter Biden in the run-up to the Nov. 3 election.

Dorsey defended the company’s censorship of the Post tweets about the son of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and the Bidens’ links to Ukraine and China under the 2018 regulation aimed at preventing “Twitter from being used to distribute hacked content,” according to Fox News.

“We made a fast interpretation using no other proof that the content in the article was accessed by hacking and according to our policies, we stopped it from being disseminated,” Dorsey said according to Fox.

The block included all public and private shares, and the Post’s Twitter account was closed.

“On further thought, we accepted that the action was incorrect and corrected within 24 hours,” Dorsey said.

Dorsey said that Twitter had told the Post that it should erase its Oct. 14 tweet, then duplicate and reset it, which he said the Post had denied, and that “we demanded that our compliance action be reversed.”

However, at the hearing on October 28, Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz accused Dorsey of lying under oath, alleging that he had been blocked from tweeting the Post storey that day.

The Post itself wrote that six of its tweets finished on October 30—four days before the election.

According to Fox, Dorsey said during Tuesday’s video testimony that Twitter has no retroactive practice to overturn compliance, but said the matter “demonstrated that we wanted one.”

Twitter has since developed a framework it considers to be just and reasonable,” Dorsey said.

Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham called both Twitter and Facebook—Chief CEO Mark Zuckerberg was also in the hot seat on Tuesday—the Post’s “Ultimate Publisher.” Facebook limited circulation of Post’s Hunter Biden news.


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Graham—a Republican from South Carolina—asked, “What I want to figure out is, if you’re not a Twitter or Facebook newspaper, then why do you have editorial power of the New York Post?

Do you think Dorsey’s comment that Twitter was “false” was sincere?

“They agreed, and maybe for a valid cause, I don’t know, that the New York Post storeys about Hunter Biden ought to be flagged, removed from circulation, or made hard to find,” Graham said.

“It seems to me that you are the ultimate writer,” Graham said. “The editorial decision of the New York Post to publish the article has been overridden by Twitter and Facebook, in numerous ways, in order to keep it from spreading.

“Now that it doesn’t make an editorial decision, I don’t know what that will be.”

Social network filtering evidently led at least to a virtual blackout of Hunter Biden’s tale in mass media. According to the Newsbusters Media Analysis Centre, the report got virtually no coverage on the big television networks in the days after it broke.

According to Fox, Dorsey discussed Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act which states that social media sites are not “responsible for comments created by users because the companies themselves are not the ones producing or manipulating material like a newspaper might.”

“Many politicians, however, claim that they are indeed making editorial choices by banning such content such as the Post article,” Fox said.

Dorsey said Twitter’s content filtering continues to increase public questions over “the use of Section 230.”

He put forward solutions that he originally posed three weeks earlier, Fox said, including “Expansions of Section 230, updated regulatory mechanisms and adherence to industry-wide, self-regulation activities.”


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