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The most common types of Tablecloths used at Weddings!



The most common types of Tablecloths used at Weddings!
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Whether required for a function or serving for decorative purposes, the choice of size, shape, and material of a tablecloth can be bewildering for the visitors. Sometimes people eye to have something that can be bequeathed to future generations. Yet on other occasions, you may want multiple disposable tablecloths to secure furniture at your kid’s birthday party or to look fabulous at a one-off special event; as a wedding. If you wonder what the most common types of Tablecloths used are, here’s a list:

Fitted Tablecloths

These are the most popular type of tablecloths, designed to fit around tables perfectly. You can have the runner cover the legs or have pleats to avoid baggy corners.

Rectangle Tablecloths

This classic optimized form factor is made to fit in as many people along with a table as possible. This tablecloth type is noted and in demand for its shape, consisting of two matching equidistant lengths on opposite sides. It can be fitted and adjusted in any way required and is perfect for rectangular tables.

Round Tablecloths

This is a great rival to the rectangular tablecloths. The round table inspires visions of Arthurian legend, chivalry, gallant Knights, and equality. In the modern era, this type of tablecloth is considered appropriate when the prerequisite is to have a group of guests or delegates seated in a manner where everybody can talk to everybody else. A drawback for some opting for this may be the extra space needed to fill the room with round tables as the set up does not lend any adjacent alignment.

Square Tablecloths

It might be easy for many to dismiss the humble square tablecloth as not being useful compared to round and rectangular runners. Still, you need to differ on that perspective to explore more. Imagine yourself on a romantic date with your better half at a beautiful restaurant. The music, the aromas, the ambiance all setting the mood. Now look down, that’s a square tablecloth! This type of tablecloth provides a platform to set apart the mood and the appeal in the air!

Dry Bar Covers

Also known as cocktail table runners, these tablecloths are particularly handy at masking unsightly furniture surrounding necessary corners or areas like dancefloors or launch-event lecterns. Without them, the tall, ugly tables may appear to have sprung up and had the event’s aesthetic appeal destroyed. They need to be fitted to avoid running into the risk of posing as trip-hazard ghosts!


Often considered for decorative purposes, these types of tablecloths are handy to add protection against the by-product-nastiness of very-hot sharing plates. These popular second-tier types of tablecloths are adorned for their full-sized, rectangular brethren. It is like a way that sash adorns a senior-ranked, military dress uniform. Such tablecloths can be straight, patterned, or brightly colored and add transformative, colorful flourishes to monotone proceedings. Especially when partnered with chair sashes.

Rolls of Fabric

If you like to live a life on the edge because rules aren’t meant for you, you must choose to rebel and choose a freeform tablecloth type. Don’t restrict yourself to fixed dimensions; go for a roll of fabric, and cut it to whatever shape or size you want. You don’t even have to put it near a table. You’re the boss of the game, and you get to decide. There’s more choice too: Different colors in Satin, Organza, Glimmer Sequins Tablecloths and a lot more.

If you’re interested in experimenting a lot and buying various types of tablecloths, make sure you check out different ranges from various vendors and then decide.

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