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Top jewellery ideas for weddings



jewellery ideas
jewellery ideas for weddings
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Every day while observing people around the place, I come across several unique fashions. For example, the brides I have seen at the banquet halls have the most extravagant jewellery ideas. Over the years many things have changed by itself, but the custom of Indian brides and their “Streedhan” is still the same.


  • The big neckpiece

The bigger the weight of the necklace, the better is the look of the entire set. These necklaces are meant to endeavour all around the decolletage. This form of necklaces covers the majority of the upper torso.

Kundan, Traditional gold jewellery or even encrusted diamond works. These ones are a perfect match for an extremely plain outfit as well. Banquet halls near me witness the finest of such exorbitant brides.


  • The long necklace

Not necessary that these ones are extremely broad and big. Whereas the real beauty lies in the extended tassels. Closely worn by brides to endeavour smaller necklaces like that of a choker. Many banquet halls near me have surrounding stores that expertise in this sort of styling.


  • The broad choker

A choker is like the introduction to the classiest chapter of a book. For example, a plain organza saree and jewellery a pair of small studs. What goes best in such a mundane combo? A broad and flamboyant choker piece.

Kundan or pearls are a good choice for choker designs. But what makes it more beautiful and aesthetic to go alongside a bridal attire is to have it in colours. By that, I mean emerald and ruby.


  • Big Jhumkas

Is there anything as basic yet elegant like that of a large jhumka? To be honest, it is a statement by itself. A big jhumka doesn’t need to be carried along with a big or broad necklace. Whereas the brides, I have seen at the banquet halls pair it with their basic pieces of jewellery.


  • Chand-Bali

Shaped like that crescent moon, encrusted with gemstones, pearls, Kundan embroidery, gold carvings, diamonds or even that of Minakari pattern. Chand-Bali is a must-have for brides planning to wear a big necklace on their big day.


  1. The royal nose ring

No, all the brides at the banquet halls near me were undoutedly wearing a large nospin. Rather to called a big nosering, that has a beautiful chain to drag it to their hair. Clipped with a pin, and hung to their pretty faces.


  • Maangtika

To be honest, a bride without a maagtika is like a vase without flowers, simply incomplete. So, to complete that fully, people wear either central maangtika, or the one with a flowing tiara around it.


  • Jhumar

Jhumar is a form of maangtika, worn at the side of the head like a fall. I have seen this among the Muslim brides at the banquet halls near me. This adds an extra glow and glam to the Islamic bridal attire.


  • Sleek bangles

Yes, bangles are called kangans in hindi. And, to be honest, even if the bride has decided not to go too loud on a dress or jewellery  bangles are a must. The bangle market situated at the banquet halls, are just the best place to buy imitation kangas from.


  • Kangan

Kangan’s are called Bala in Bengali. The brides usually wear to highlight the bagel arrangement on their wrists. Arranged beautifully alongside other jewellery. Few, even add designs to their kangals, like that of Temple, Kundan and Minakari work.


  • Bracelets

Bracelets are not really a very important jewelry worn by brides. Whereas, it is a kind of part that is exclusively designed to add more beauty to the woman’s wrist as a whole. Hence, sleek bracelets are more like a post wedding jewellery.


  • Elaborate rings

Banquet halls do organise engagement parties or ring ceremonies but that has nothing to do with these sort of rings. These rings are big, and are meant to be worn like a large accessory, hence worn on the point or middle finger.


  • The Kamar band

Apart from all the attire, jewelry and flowers tacked along with the wedding arrangement, kamar band is a king of belt which puts everything together. The belt is a must have for Indian brides, because that puts everything all together in a single not.

Every event that is hosted at the banquets halls near me has something special to it. But, one thing remains constant at all times, the love and warmth of families that share these functions. Moreover, whatever the jewelry is, the bride’s beauty and charm is the ultimate thing meant to make the day shine!

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