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An American Reverie: An Introduction To Tommy Hilfiger Watches



An American Reverie: An Introduction To Tommy Hilfiger Watches
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More commonly known as Tommy Hilfiger, Thomas Jacob Hilfiger founded the corporation back in the mid-80s as an idea that focuses on cool American style designs that promote individuality for men’s wear. For a time, the company produced only masculine options for clothing, but eventually, the need for women’s wear became significantly apparent, and women’s designs finally became a reality.

Today, Tommy Hilfiger is one of the largest, leading brands in fashion with over forty main showrooms worldwide. Despite their watches only getting a small taste of the spotlight, their collections are becoming proper competitors for Nike, Adidas, Michael Kors, and many more. In this article, you will be introduced to the ideology and individuality, which is a Tommy Hilfiger Watch.

Tommy Hilfiger Watches

Anyone who is even minimally wary of fashion of some form has heard of Tommy Hilfiger, and there is no doubt that the watch collection is more than just a fashion watch for some. A Tommy Hilfiger Watch exudes a different kind of aura every time it is worn because of the nods the design language gives to different eras of Horology. Most watches at this level of quality would cost you a fortune.

The build quality of these watches is good, and that’s speaking at a level comparable to even more expensive brands. Unsurprisingly, their modern chronographs are made with stainless steel, and a mineral crystal protects the watch face. The product line for Tommy Hilfiger watches is reported to be manufactured and distributed by Movado with factories based in China.

Movements for the watches are all sourced from Japan with a careful selection of only the most refined Japanese Quartz movement configurations. Movements of Japanese origin are highly accurate, reliable, and less likely to suffer malfunction from a lack of maintenance.

Tommy Hilfiger watches focus more on classic time-only displays with a nod to some complicated chronograph editions. A smartwatch exists somewhere in their line, but the technology for that won’t be the main selling point for buying a watch at this price point.

Design and Features

Most watches in the Tommy Hilfiger watch line have a distinct range of designs that come from somber-looking timepieces to sporty and trendy offerings aimed at younger enthusiasts. Most eyes have an exaggerated emphasis on large cases and chronograph configurations. Sometimes, a variation of colors can be seen in their products, with some having blue, white, and gold cases.

Tommy Hilfiger watches are ideal for everyday casual wear, be it a day at the office, walk in the park with your dog, or even the occasional dress party. Fortunately, there is a watch for every type of attire, making Tommy Hilfiger an excellent choice for undecided buyers looking for their next dress watch. Prices are competitive, which won’t break the bank even if you buy two on your first purchase.

Women’s watches are also unique with their elegant styling that resembles bracelets rather than the typical wristwatch design seen in other brands. Few watches have gemstones embedded in them with leather or stainless options for straps. If you don’t need all the complications of different movements and luxurious configurations, you should look at the collection.

Most of the products in Tommy Hilfiger’s watch line don’t have impressive water-resistance. If you’re looking to take one on outdoor water activity, then make sure that it is well beyond the rated depth to avoid water damage. Warranties are flexible and comprehensive, so applying for one shouldn’t be a problem if unavoidable incidents arise.


Most electronic Quartz movements generally have standard and straightforward protocols, so having your watch checked every two to three years should be more than enough to maintain longevity. A Tommy Hilfiger watch is made with Movado, and their manufacturing capabilities are top-notch and reliable.

The average warranty for most watches in the industry is around two years. The agreement states that it will cover most defects in materials and craftsmanship as long as inspection reveals no tampering has been made with the product itself. Warranty claims are quite rare for Tommy Hilfiger watches, so you can rest assured that you will get a quality product with every purchase.


Tommy Hilfiger watches usually have a price range that generally goes from $50 to $500 depending on the model you’re looking at. The prices for these watches are usually what you would expect from designer watches in the industry, making them one of the more premium choices.

The ratio of price to quality and performance is unbeatable because Tommy Hilfiger is a high-end luxury brand that doesn’t only market against the upper-class consumer but also takes notice of the lower and middle class. You can’t find another brand that has this kind of dedication when it comes to marketing.


Tommy Hilfiger watches are simple, reliable, and classy timepieces that can be an alternative to a six-figure price tag on a luxury watch. If you have any doubt about what kind of quality you would get from these, then head on over to your nearest retailer and be amazed at how well-made these products are.

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