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Post Pandemic Meltdown: Gamified Dieting Success Rates, Sign-ups Surge Amid ‘Quarantine 15’ Concerns



Post Pandemic Meltdown: Gamified Dieting Success Rates, Sign-ups Surge Amid ‘Quarantine 15’ Concerns

Success rates skyrocket among pandemic-era dieters vying for huge cash rewards with HealthyWage, with many winning thousands for their pound shedding achievement

Diet Money 2 Courtesy of HealthyWage SMLet’s face it. It’s been one tough year with too many of us sitting idle and indulging in calorie-laden foods for way too long as the coronavirus pandemic continues to sweep the globe. For all too many, sheltering in place has prompted unwelcome weight gain—a troublesome truth as we head into the holiday season where gluttony oft reigns supreme.

That said, many individuals did have foresight and motivation back in March and the months that followed, wisely leveraging that extreme downtime to “diet for dollars” with HealthyWage—a pioneer of money-driven weight loss contests and challenges for individuals, teams and business groups. In fact, those who started a 6-month HealthyWager challenge during the pandemic (late March through May) broke company records, spurring a dramatic increase in pound shedding success rates—and in-kind cash payouts—against the norm. So motivated became America to drop, or avoid, the so-called ‘quarantine 15’ and score some cold hard cash in the process, HealthyWage reports that this past May it logged a substantial year-over-year increase in challenge participants at large. This is not surprising given Google search trends indicates the portion of people searching for weight loss hit a 5-year high in May of 2020—a level even exceeding the quintessential New Year’s diet resolution season.

Beyond the fact that people who started weight loss wagers during the pandemic achieved much greater success as compared to participant results the prior year, and earning hundreds and even thousands of dollars for their efforts, it is women and individuals under 30 years of age primarily accounting for the sustained increases. For example, among the litany of pandemic era success stories, Lisa S. won over $1,900 for losing 50 pounds in 6 months while Hayden T. won over $1,200 for losing over 62 pounds in 6 months—both during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As the coronavirus rages on well into the fourth quarter, we collectively find ourselves again having to shelter-in-place. Those trying to reconcile how they will survive this next round of being home bound, and the holiday season at large, with mitigated waistline and budgetary wreckage—and who are even planning their New Year resolution approach just beyond—would be wise to consider the gamified dieting approach. “Loss Aversion is a powerful dynamic and the reality of having ‘skin in the game’ can propel the results of a gamified weight loss initiative,” notes HealthyWage co-founder David Roddenberry.

The efficacy of diet gamification is well-proven. For one, according to study findings published by JAMA Internal Medicine, behavioral economics-based gamification led to “significantly” increased physical activity among overweight and obese Americans. In this particular study, pairing a step tracking device with social incentives led to sustained, long-term behavior change—prompting participants to take more steps then with a step tracking device, alone. While the report explains that “gamification interventions significantly increased physical activity during the 24-week intervention,” with competition being the “most effective.”

That’s something HealthyWage has seen play out since launching its weight-loss gamification platform in 2009.  HealthyWage is, in fact, founded on earlier substantive research and “double-incentivization” methodology that proves competition and rewards—especially the cash variety—can as much as triple the effectiveness of weight loss programs.

“A key element for the success of a gamification program is giving participants something to lose if they fail to meet their goal—whether tangible or intangible,” notes Roddenberry. “In this particular study, it was just points at stake but even this effected behavior change. There are actually throngs of studies demonstrated that the threat of losing something of value is much more effective than the opportunity to win something of equal value. That’s precisely why we advocate that program participants ‘pay to play’ and make an investment out of their own pocket in order to win rewards—in our case large cash prizes—for losing weight and getting more active in the program.”

A few other notable HealthyWager success stories (both female and male) are case-in-point. These include Jean N. who lost 71 lbs. and won $3,357.99 for her efforts, and Jeremy M. who also lost 71 lbs. and won $1,886.32 for his own slimdown success. From its website, shares yet more inspirational success stories of both women and men who gained financially for their pound-shedding achievements using the company’s unique gamification approach. This includes Kristin W. who lost a staggering 114 pounds and won $4,000 for her efforts, Anastasia W. who lost 41 pounds and won a whopping $10,000 in kind, and Blake S. who lost an impressive 151 pounds and won $4,670 for his own slimdown success. Figures that are tasty, indeed.

These and other such HealthyWage payouts are proof positive. For their weight-loss achievements that collectively exceeds an astounding 1,050,000 pounds for this year, alone—269 of which losing in excess of 100 pounds (and nearly 7.5 million pounds lost since the company’s launch), HealthyWage has reportedly paid more than xx30,000 dieters over $13 million cash in 2020, specifically, and over $55 million cash since its inception in 2009.

HealthyWage programs apply these principles:

  1. HealthyWager Challenge: participants commit to a weight loss goal and an upfront financial payment and get their money back plus a financial return if they accomplish their weight loss goal. The average participant loses 40.7 pounds and gets paid $1,245.
  2. HealthyWage Step Challenge: participants commit money and agree to increase their steps by 25% over 60-days. If they achieve their goal they get their money back plus the money from those who don’t hit their goal.

Upholding the new findings while also further validating HealthyWage’s well-honed approach, an additional study published in the journal Social Science and Medicine continue to prove that money is an effective motivator to “increase both the magnitude and duration of weight loss.” The same hold true in business for staff wellness initiatives. Results from one study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine indicated that “Loss Incentive’ Motivates Employees to Take More Steps,” finding that financial incentives framed as a loss were most effective for achieving physical activity goals.

As a prolific corporate and group wellness purveyor, since 2009 HealthyWage has worked with an array of hi-caliber participants on workplace and staff wellness initiatives, including Halliburton, ConocoPhillips and more than 25% of the largest school districts in the country. HealthyWage has, in fact, formally created competitive, money-motivated programs for more than 1000 Fortune 500 and other public and private companies, hospitals, health systems, insurers, school systems, municipal governments and other organizations throughout the U.S., and their program has been more informally run at more than 7,000 companies and organizations seeking to bolster staff health and well-being, and boost bottom lines in kind.

“Throngs of studies reiterate the importance of the ‘stick’ in the design of a wellness incentive program, whether for individuals at home or for employee groups,” Roddenberry says. “Many studies have demonstrated that the threat of losing something of value is much more effective than the opportunity to win something of equal value. That’s precisely why we advocate that program participants ‘pay to play’ and make an investment out of their own pocket in order to win rewards—in our case large cash prizes—for losing weight and getting more active in the program.”

Studies do consistently show that monetary incentives serve to enhance the effectiveness of, and duly complement, weight-loss programs of any and all sorts, especially when paid out quickly like HealthyWage’s various programs. For its part, HealthyWage reports that the average participant more than doubles their investment if they are successful at achieving their goal. The financial upside potential is impressive.

So, if this is the season when you would like to not only resolve to lose those extra lbs. but also actually achieve that worthy goal, consider a cash-fueled approach. It just might give you that extra dose of motivation that’ll truly help you stay the course, shed weight and make some extra money in the process. There’s no better time than right now to bank on yourself.


Forbes Business Council Member Merilee Kern, MBA is an internationally-regarded brand analyst, strategist and futurist who reports on noteworthy industry change makers, movers, shakers and innovators across all categories, both B2C and B2B. This includes field experts and thought leaders, brands, products, services, destinations and events. Merilee is Founder, Executive Editor and Producer of “The Luxe List” as well as Host of the nationally-syndicated “Savvy Living” TV show. As a prolific consumer and business trends, lifestyle and leisure industry voice of authority and tastemaker, she keeps her finger on the pulse of the marketplace in search of new and innovative must-haves and exemplary experiences at all price points, from the affordable to the extreme. Her work reaches multi-millions worldwide via broadcast TV (her own shows and copious others on which she appears) as well as a myriad of print and online publications. Connect with her at and / Instagram / Twitter / Facebook / LinkedIN

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7 Shaving Mistakes That Can Wreck Your Skin




Shaving can be a transformative experience when done correctly. That baby’s soft, smooth skin that feels after a nice shave can bring you into a state of happiness. The back side is that a daily shaving loss can lead to cuts, uneven shave, or even worse.

Remember, you are going to take a sharp razor on your skin – you want the surface to be spotless and slippery. The first step of each shave should wash with soap to prepare your skin. Washing skin and hair with warm water and soft soap softens the hair and skin.

Here are the most common mistakes that women make and how they never screw up again.

1. Do not shake:

Although it saves time, it always causes small red bumps that last for days. Shaving cream and gel were made to gently slide your razor over your skin without pulling or pulling.

2. You use your disposable shields for more than a week:

Yes, you have to throw it once a week if you shave every day. Dead leaves probably cause razor bats, irritation, nicks and cuts, and old leaves can cause bacteria, which can lead to infections.

3. You shave in the opposite direction of your hair growth:

It’s true, it can help you get a sharper shave, but it will also cause pain. Also, the blunt end of the hair can grow into the skin instead of on and off.

4. You’ll do it as fast as you can:

You can name yourself, make your skin irritating or be missing when you shave too fast.

5. You apply too much pressure:

When it comes to how hard you push the razor blade on your skin, you should always keep in mind that there is less. The harder you are, the more irregular becomes the surface of the skin because you essentially create dimmers where the knife falls.

6. You do not exfoliate beforehand:

To avoid razor blades, make sure you use an exfoliator before unpacking the razor. Because the dead skin cells dry out, making it easier for your shaver to slide.

7. You exceed moisturizing effect after that:

It’s best to hydrate your skin as soon as you get out of the shower, as you apply moisturizers while your skin is still moist, it helps you to enclose everything. If you exceed this step, your skin top can be dried quickly and dehydrated from the combination of exfoliates and shaving.

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Vitamin D and Death Due to Colorectal Cancer




Based upon recent high quality clinical research, only Vitamin D, among all vitamins, appears to have potentially significant cancer prevention effects. However, as with all areas of clinical and laboratory research, one can find contradictory research results for Vitamin D, as well.

An innovative prospective clinical research study is now reporting its results, which appear to link Vitamin D deficiency to colorectal cancer death rates. As with previous research studies, the findings of this study strongly suggest that Vitamin D deficiency may be linked with a higher risk of death due to colorectal cancer. The findings of this clinical research study appear in the current issue of the journal Cancer.

An interesting and unique aspect of this particular clinical research study was its evaluation of the potential impact of Vitamin D deficiency on the well-known increased risk of death due to colorectal cancer that has been observed in African-Americans when compared to Caucasian patients. As our bodies create active Vitamin D from exposure of our skin to sunlight, and as people with darkly pigmented skin are more prone to developing Vitamin D deficiency, when compared to lightly-pigmented people, the authors of this study sought to assess the potential colorectal cancer risk impact of Vitamin D deficiency on patient volunteers with darkly pigmented skin.

In this large public health study, the Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES III), which was conducted between 1988 and 1994, blood levels of Vitamin D were measured in study volunteers. Patients with a Vitamin D level of less than 20 ng/dL were considered to be deficient in Vitamin D.

As previous public health studies have also shown, the results of this study indicated that African-Americans are twice as likely to die of colorectal cancer when compared to Caucasians. When blood levels of Vitamin D were considered, specifically, the increased risk of dying from colorectal cancerobserved in African-American patients decreased by 40 percent among those African-Americans who had normal levels of Vitamin D in their blood. (These results, therefore, suggest that at least 40 percent of the increased risk of dying from colorectal cancer in African-American persons is likely to be caused by Vitamin D deficiency.) When patients of all races were considered in terms of Vitamin D deficiency as a risk factor for death due to colorectal cancer, patient volunteers with a blood level of Vitamin D less than 20 ng/dL were more than twice as likely (i.e., a 211 percent increase in risk)to die of colorectal cancerduring the course of this prospective research study, when compared with patients who had normal Vitamin D levels.

In summary, this large prospectively conducted public health study found, as have previous studies, a significant association between Vitamin D deficiency and the risk of dying from colorectal cancer. (Previous Vitamin D studies have also identified a 25 to 40 percent reduction in the incidence of colorectal cancer, and death due to colorectal cancer, in study volunteers with blood Vitamin D levels in the 30 to 40 ng/dL range.) While not all clinical research studies have shown this level of colorectal cancer risk reduction associated with normal blood levels of Vitamin D, this particular study joins a growing list of clinical studies that appear to show a significant reduction in colorectal cancer risk associated with adequate levels of Vitamin D in the blood.

As excessive Vitamin D intake can cause significant health problems (especially in patients with kidney disease and parathyroid gland disease), you should check with your doctor prior to considering the use of Vitamin D supplements.

For a complete discussion of Vitamin D as a cancer prevention agent, and other evidence-based approaches to cancer risk and cancer prevention, order your copy of my new book, “A Cancer Prevention Guide for the Human Race.” For the price of a cheeseburger, fries, and a shake, you can purchase this landmark new book, in both paperback and e-book formats, and begin living an evidence-based cancer prevention lifestyle today!

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13 Beauty Tips and Tricks To Keep Yourself Younger Looking and Beautiful




If you are looking for some simple and easy beauty tips and tricks to keep yourself younger looking and beautiful then this article will provide just that. So here we go!

Tips and Tricks #1

Pink is a good way to draw attention away from skin issues. It can detract from acne and red puffy eyes.

Tips and Tricks #2

Wearing sunglasses can make an individual look either more attractive or less. It is a decision that needs to be considered by the individual looking to wear sunglasses. Ask yourself, “Are these important?”, are just a few questions to ask.

Tips and Tricks #3

Zinc is an essential mineral that is one the keys to looking your best. It is an antioxidant that helps to fight off damaging toxins and free radicals that damage the body’s cells, found in environmental pollution. Zinc is also vital to the body’s ability to heal cuts. To increase you intake of zinc, you can take a supplement or eat foods, such as dark chocolate, that are naturally high in zinc.

Tips and Tricks #4

As a woman who enjoys looking good, you are sure to be concerned with the appearance of your hair. Conditioners should always be used!

Tips and Tricks #5

Some beauty and hair products can leave your hair follicles open and tanning could cause some skin troubles. If you do, you may experience extreme irritation. Also stay away from products that have a strong scent after you sugar or wax, they will also lead to irritation that can be hard to find relief from.

Tips and Tricks #6

Improving your appearance begins with your thinking. In a lot of cases, the difference between a nice appearance and a not-so-nice appearance is just a matter of getting educated. When you know what you need to do to look good, it is far easier to make that happen.

Tips and Tricks #7

To make your eyes look larger, use a layered makeup effect. Apply a primer, and then put on some foundation and then some powder. Highlighting eye shadow is placed on the inside corners, as well as along the brow bone. Use a pencil to apply your eyeliner. You can smudge your eyeliner upward if you wish. By doing this, you will make your eyes look larger.

Tips and Tricks #8

Don’t forget about your eyelashes when it comes to beauty. If you want to make your eyelashes fuller, try using a lengthening mascara that is also waterproof. Many brands of mascara have a formula specifically devoted to boosting length and curl. The truth is that these products often just leave your lashes clumpy and flake off. They will weigh down your lashes. As an alternative, try a waterproof lengthening formula instead. This will help your lashes look voluminous and curl upward.

Tips and Tricks #9

Keep some of your beauty products in the fridge. You definitely want to do this in summertime! If you store your beauty products, like oils, toners and lotions on ice, they are easy to apply even during scorching weather. Keeping them cool will also give you skin some relief in hot temperatures.

Tips and Tricks #10

It is very easy to ruin your manicure if your application of the topcoat allows bubbles to form. Apply polish sparingly to your nail polish brush to avoid trapping air bubbles under the top coat of polish when you put it on your fingernails. Go slowly when you are painting your nails. It may take a bit longer, but your nails will look professionally manicured.

Tips and Tricks #11

Use Vaseline on your feet at night. When you wake up in the morning, your feet will be incredibly smooth. Start rubbing your feet every night before going to bed. Apply Vaseline to your feet and then slip on some thick socks right before heading to bed.

Tips and Tricks #12

UVA rays can damage your skin just as easily in winter months as they can in the summer. It’s important to keep skin protected and minimize the damage that can cause wrinkles, sun spots, and skin cancer.

Tips and Tricks #13

You could create your own mouthwash at home using a mixture of peppermint oil and purified water. For each ounce of water, add a single drop of oil. Start by boiling the water, then decant the oil into a heat-resistant glass container. Next, slowly add the boiling water to the container. Now, put a clean cloth over the container and allow the whole thing to cool. Empty into a container that has a tight fitting lid. This can now be used as a mouthwash.

There are many products available in the marketplace to improve your looks. Try using these simple beauty tips and tricks to enhance your beauty and get others to notice you. Simple methods for making yourself beautiful are within your grasp.

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Coronavirus: Is It Harder For Someone Handle What Is Going On If They Are Carrying Trauma?




As a result of what is currently taking place in the world, it has meant that a large part of the population hasn’t been able to carry on as normal. Right now, a lot of people are in isolation and are only allowed to leave their home to do certain things.

When it comes to those who are not currently in isolation, there is a strong chance that a lot of them have been in isolation. There is also a strong chance that it won’t be long until they are back in isolation, either.

A Very Different Experience

If someone who is currently in isolation, was to go back in time and to imagine what their life would be like in the future, they would probably find it hard to accept that this is what it would be like. Now, however, they will be only too familiar with what it is like to be cut-off from their fellow human beings.

To make matters worse, they could also be in a position where they have lost their business. What took them years, if not decades, to build may have fallen apart in a matter of weeks, if not months.

A Deeply Challenging Time

If they live by themselves, it could be a lot harder for them to handle what is going on than it would be if they lived with another or others. Then again, if they lived with another or others who they didn’t get on with, this could be even worse.

Therefore, simply living with another or others is not what matters; what matters is living with the right person or people. This is something that a lot of people will have found out during this time, thanks to having to spend so much time around the wrong person or people.

Not an Island

What could have become crystal clear throughout this time is how one is an interdependent human being. Before this, they may have seen themselves as someone who was independent and didn’t need others.

Not having as much human contact is likely to have undermined them. Still, they may have been able to take the edge of how they have felt through speaking to people over a screen.

Two Things

If having to deal with spending so much time by themselves and even another or others who they don’t get on with is one challenge, what could be another challenge is dealing with their inner world. For example, what could often consume them is the fear that they are going to die.

They could fear that they will end up being affected by the virus, have no control and that their life will come to an end. When they are not experiencing this fear, they could find that they are on edge and have a sense of impending doom.

Worn Down

There are going to be a number of different reasons as to why they would be experiencing life in this way right now. Firstly, if they are spending a lot of time by themselves, it will be a lot harder for them to regulate their system and to think rationally.

Whereas if they were spending time around others, the presence of others would allow them to feel more at ease and they would have less time to get caught up in their minds stories. Furthermore, they could spend a fair amount of time focusing on what the fear-based mainstream media comes out with.

The Reality of the Situation

Undoubtedly, their life has been disrupted and there is something going around; this is not something that can be denied. Nonetheless, if one spends a lot of time watching the news, it will be even harder for them to handle what is going on.

Through the power of their attention and their minds imagination, plus their feelings, what is going on could have been made a hundred times worse. What’s more, being caught up in all the fear-based news won’t do their immune system any good.

Another Factor

It doesn’t stop there, though, as what can also make it harder for them to handle what is going on is if they have experienced a lot of trauma and haven’t resolved any of it. This could be trauma that they experienced as an adult and/or throughout their formative years.

Whenever this was, it would have been a time when they felt overwhelmed, powerless and unable to do anything. Ergo, as they won’t have as much control as they would usually have, it is not going to be a surprise if this trauma is often triggered.

Replaying The Past

This would have been a time when they felt as though their life was going to come to an end and what is going on at this point in time will re-connect them to this inner experience. Without this understanding, it would seem as though what is going on ‘out there’ is causing them to have a certain inner experience.

It will be playing a part but it won’t be the only reason why they are finding it hard to handle what is going on. What can make it difficult for someone to be able to join the dots, so to speak, is that their conscious mind can block out what took place to protect them; the trouble with this is that although this can help them to handle life, it also alienates them from important information.


If one can relate to this, and they are ready to draw the line, they may need to reach out for external support. This is something that can be provided by the assistance of a therapist or healer.

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How A Makeup Artist Can Influence Our Life




Fashion has influenced our lives to a greater extent. In almost every sphere of life, the makeup artists are required. These are those professionals who help in providing you with a makeover. These experts are highly demanded in different industries like cinema, media, modelling, corporate & several other industries. These industries need these professionals in order to get their services.

The makeup artists are those professionals who help in providing appealing covering on the face and other body parts with the help of the cosmetics. This covering is very effective in hiding the imperfections of the skin. The cosmetic products help in providing you with the most attractive look.

These artists are required in every single occasion. Let us take an example of a wedding ceremony. It is the desire of every girl to look beautiful on this special occasion. These professionals help in providing the most amazing look to the girl for the special day. The bridal makeover is the special service which helps in providing charming looks to the bride. In this, the professionals use different cosmetics that help in enhancing the beauty of the bride.

The sessions for this service will start a few weeks before the wedding. Most probably, it takes about 4 to 5 sittings for this service. In this, the brides get various services like skin consultation, facial services, waxing & various other services. These services eventually help in improving the overall looks of the bride.

In the cinema and media, the makeover professionals are highly demanded. These industries are basically related to the glamour in which your looks and appearance widely influence your performance. The better looks influence your confidence level. Thus, it is mandatory to take the services of the makeup artists. They metamorphose your skin in order to enhance your looks.

The pampering and care are indeed required by our skin. It is recommended to take the services of these artists to increase your beauty manifold. They provide you with different skin treatments that help in improving the quality of your skin. The most popular service is the facial. In this, treatment using mineral ingredients is applied across the skin. This treatment eventually results in providing nourishment to the damaged skin cells.

This is perfect for those who are associated with the cinema or media industry. In this, the touch is provided in order to offer you the professional look. The women who are looking forward to attend the business meeting or to handle corporate clients, generally prefer this type of makeover. This helps in grooming the looks & appearance.

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This Is How an Air Purifiers Can Affect Your Health




An air purifier is a type of device that can help you improve your indoor air quality for the sake of your health and the health of your family. According to a lot of research studies, these devices can help reduce the symptoms of a lot of health issues, such as asthma. In this article, we are going to get a deeper insight into the effects of high quality air purifiers on human health.

Harmful elements

Like most people, you may not be aware of the harmful elements flying through the air in your home or office. The fact of the matter is that your indoor air may have tons of pollutants that may emit toxic substances in the form of tiny particles. If you inhale these particles over a long period of time, you may experience the symptoms of nausea, dizziness, fatigue and headaches. At times, people with asthma tend to suffer from most of the symptoms. In other words, people with allergies are more likely to suffer these problems if they are exposed to polluted air on a regular basis.


If you want to maintain good health, it is important that you avoid exposure to toxic particles. Often, homeowners don’t realize that their kids are feeling sick because of poor air quality. The reason is that the symptoms of their sickness are similar to the symptoms of common cold. If you don’t do anything about this problem, your condition may get worse. In a worst-case scenario, prolonged exposure to dirty air may cause respiratory and cardiovascular problems.

On the other hand, if you install an indoor air purifier, eliminating the pollution sources and improving air quality will be much easier for you. As a matter of fact, these units can be greatly beneficial for the sufferers of asthma and other respiratory issues. An air purifier captures the tiny particles of mold, dust mites and tender.

According to the reports from the environmental protection agency, if you go for an air purifier and install it in your rooms, you can reduce your exposure to a lot of dangerous particles. Based on the size of your room, you can go for a small or large unit. Ideally, you may want to buy a unit that comes with HEPA air filters. These filters are much more efficient than other types of filters you can find in the market.

The high-end models contain HEPA filters. The good thing about these units is that they offer comprehensive air filtration for both homes and offices. That is the reason, these units can capture a lot of harmful particles, such as tobacco smoke, dost, pollen, smog and mold, to name a few. If you are more prone to respiratory infections, we suggest that you give a go to these air purifiers.

In short, this is how an air purifier can have an impact on your health and health of your family members. If you are looking for one, we suggest that you invest in a high quality unit.

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Beauty From You to Me – Acknowledge That Beauty Is in Everyone and in Everything




Everyday as I awake, I eagerly anticipate what beautiful things God has in store for me. Sometimes life sends us curves that need silence and introspection. I am content to learn the lessons that the universe gives me, even though I am sensitive and easily affected by pain and suffering of myself as well as the pain of other people; sometimes I feel the pain of people who I have never met. I realize that as I patiently wait for the universe to open doors and opportunities for me, that I still must do the normal, not-so-fun things of daily living. I decided a long time ago that I would find beauty in every activity until the day that I take my last breath. There are many activities completed daily in our daily lives, far too many to even list that are taxing and make us forget how beautiful life truly can be. My best course of action is to enjoy the journey and to seek and find beauty in EVERYTHING!

I enjoy listening to music from various genres, writing songs or poetry, especially while engaging in two or more other activities. Sometimes I am vacuuming and I start dancing and enjoying the rhythm of the music.

While gazing at the sunrise, I usually decide what household chore I need to do first.

As I watch the waves of the nearby lake, I imagine that I am swimming in a clear,emerald-green ocean.

If I am watching television, and I notice a beautiful product or family style commercial is when I admire the beauty of people doing mundane things everywhere.

Reading has always been an amazing escape to visualize another setting and learning about the splendor and beauty of other people’s’ cooking styles, habits, practices or ideologies, there is beauty to be found EVERYWHERE!

There are so many gathering areas where you can discover new people and places, all you have to do is have an open heart and decide that you’ll seek and meet beautiful, new people. Meeting new people or engaging new activities is like discovering new frontiers or enticing a new adventure. Time alone, time on the phone, or taking time to have a great conversation is amazing and a beautiful discovery that you’ll appreciate for decades!

Enjoy your garden, take in the full scenery, notice the flowers, or the birds that fly to your yard or garden.

Beauty is everywhere, it’s simple to attract, and a great way to notice something different, uncommon or beautiful.

Enjoy the simple things, tasks or chores, it’s never a bore when you work around your home.

You’ll find adventure or uncover the beauty in simple,yet subtle ways if you pay attention to beautiful things around you throughout the course of your day.

If I cook, or clean or do my laundry; it is in the simplicity that beauty surrounds me.

As I wash my clothes and witness dirt and grime get washed away, it is similar when compared to life. Life is allowing the old concepts, ideas or beliefs to go away, get washed out or cleansed. Giving room for new experiences is giving new life to clean, freshly laundered clothing and a beautiful new way of living.

In life, it is ourselves who decide what we need to release, purge, cleanse or omit to uncover beauty under the surface; like the caterpillar and butterfly story.

In the newness comes the beauty in appreciating the unknown from you to me; from me to you. If you and me have argued, then I must apologize, the reason is not important, the time lost and the beauty of our friendship is more important than who’s right or who’s wrong.

Like soap suds, from the washing machine, going down the drain; I allow myself to release the pain; as clean, rinse water cleanses my clothes. I allow light to cleanse, and energize my life in the light of wisdom and appreciation.

I enrich my life and enjoy the beauty from you to me from me to you, as we discover new ideas and different principles of conduct or engaging in great verbal energy exchange. The smile that you send to me is amazing, comforting and beautiful and has made my day so much happier!

As I mop and dust and remove the rust, from around my appliances, doors, and floors in my home, it’s as if I removed the mask that once covered the beautiful view from my eyes. My perceived ideas that were once deluding me and rendering me unwilling or unable to see beautiful friendships established between friends that choose to be friends is no longer hampering my vision of beauty to be found during the course of life events.

Understand that by allowing yourself and others to engage in dreams, judgement-free,there is beauty; the beauty from you to me; from me to you..

Discover beauty in daily living..

~I enjoy learning from you and from others offering me knowledge continuously.

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Find Out: Is Your Kid Away From Nutritional Deficiency?




Your kid is surely the most precious gem that you could ever have in your life. However, your little gem needs to grow. For that purpose, he or she must have a good health.

Our diet is responsible for what we are. Everything that goes down our belly has a sure impact on our body. For parents, it is a struggle these days to keep their dining table free from harmful chemicals as every food contains them which could harm on long term.

How does it matter to have chemically-grown food in our plates?

Our body is a complex machine. It needs organic food to break down the sugars, protein and other nutrients into smaller units which will then be utilized by the body. However, it is difficult to absorb or breakdown other foreign chemicals which might be the reason behind poor health and growth of your child. The presence of chemicals in food is highly due to pesticides, GMO seeds and other growth enhancing products.

How can you stop the alteration from affecting your child?

Due to the dying quality of vegetables and poultry, you have to keep hawk’s eye on the nutrition index of your family. It is not possible to completely eradicate the use of chemically grown food but you could try complete the body demands on daily basis by providing them organic food and supplements which fulfill the body’s need.

What are the types of nutrients that could be taken in form of supplements?

For regular maintenance of your kid’s mind and body, you should make sure they are completing their day-to-day nutritional needs. Pay deep attention on the following list:

1. Calcium

Calcium is synonymous to stronger bones and teeth which form the fundamental framework to keep all organs safe. Kids need to complete their recommended daily value (RDV) as their overall growth is dependent on this compound.

Calcium RDV: Children from 1-8 years should have 500-700mg/day and those who are in between 9-18 years should have 1,000 mg/day.

2. Omega 3s

Omega 3s are of three types – EPA, DHA and ALA. Omega 3 has a major role in development of brain and nervous system. To have healthy cardiovascular and behavioral activities, kids should get enough Omega 3 in their diets. In fact, it has been successfully linked to reduce chances of ADHD, autism, anti-social traits and other mental diseases.

Omega 3 RDV: Children of age 1-8 are expected to have 0.5-0.9 mg/day but the range varies afterwards. Girls of age group 9-18 should have 1.0-1.1 mg/day and boys of same age should have 1.2-1.6 mg/day.

3. Vitamins

Family of vitamins are essential as your body is dependent on outside sources to fulfill the need. Diet of your kid is important factor to make sure that he is getting Vitamin A, B, C and D.

There are different RDV of all types of vitamins and must be added to diet only after consultation for the doctor.

4. Zinc

Zinc improves immune system, heals wounds, helps digesting macro-nutrients and development of bone and cartilage. To keep your appetite full of good nutrients; zinc is a must have in your plate.

Zinc RDV: Kids between 1- 8 years should have 3-4mg/day and 9-18 years should have minimum of 6mg/day.

5. Magnesium

Magnesium is a care taker. If kids don’t have enough of this mineral in their diets then they can fall prey to diabetes, kidney stones, high BP and anxiety after an age.

Magnesium RDV: The range is quite varied when it comes to this mineral. Babies of 1-3 years are supposed to have 80mg/day and it rises to 130 mg for children in age between 4-8 years. Also, 9-13 years old children should have 240 mg/day and 350-400mg for above 13 years.

As it is said, “Health is wealth.” If your kid is not healthy then nothing else makes sense. So, you must give full attention to your kids’ health if you want them to do wonders in all part of their life.

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How to Layer Body Lotions From Trelivings Products With Designer Perfumes




A perfume addict always has a difficulty in finding perfect body lotion that will complement the smell of the perfume she wears. It is even harder to find the one that enhances the perfume complex ingredients. That is why I am obsessed with body lotion, body cream or any moisturizer.

On the contrary, I just can not stand the fact that most of local body lotion – Vaseline, Citra, Sari Ayu, Nivea – have nice smell when applied alone but horrible when mixed with perfume. Alas, they even break the magic of perfume. Hence, sometimes I need to run from one store to another, just to find unscented lotion.

Then, this afternoon, my heart leapt when a bottle of Earthly Possessions body lotion just surfaced out of nowhere in the store near my office. Well, I am dramatizing a little bit, actually. There was this small bazaar that sells discontinued products, and there I found them: a range of Earthly Possessions products from Trelivings. It is a well known brand from an Australian company Evodia. It always produces yummy range of natural products scented with fruits and flowers. All will induce your greatest desire to purchase them all.

I bought a bottle of this hard-to-find-scented-lotion of Coconut & Lime for a bargain price of USD 2! The seller said that usually the products are normally priced as AUD 22. You know, my friend said instantly,” What? Is there any person in this world who wants to smell like coconut? That is definitely absurd, lady.” It is possible, buddy. And, that person is definitely me, especially considering that the body lotion texture is smooth and heavenly. It is also absorbed instantly by my skin, leaving it clean but well-moist. It adds more details to my sweet scent of Escada Rockin’ Rio perfume.

Besides Coconut & Lime, Trelivings has other scented lotions that are perfect for particular perfumes like below:

• Fig & Cinnamon range is matched for Kadotta perfume from Michael Storer

• Frangipani range is suitable Amour perfume from Kenzo

• Honey & Jasmine range is definitely a winner. It is perfect for any range of jasmine-based perfumes, which are many. For example, J’adore by Dior or Acqua di Gio by Armani. This lotion can be used to tone down No 5 from Chanel, though it will alter its famous scent a bit.

• French Riviera range for any vanilla-based perfumes included, but not limited to, Classique from Jean Paul Gaultier, Gloria by Cacharel, Dior Addict, The Body Shop Vanilla and Anna Sui Sui Dreams. A tiny drop of perfume will do as it will be too heavy to be worn together.

• Blue Mountains Magnolia range is for magnolia-based

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Dental Tips for Children’s Oral Health




While oral sickness is easy to prevent, there are still lots of children that get tooth decay. Such kids often experience pain, find it hard to sleep, and at times, undergo major dental treatments – like tooth extraction with general anesthesia.

When a child gets cavities at a much younger age, it can be assumed that he/she will also develop cavities when his permanent teeth develop. For this reason, it is crucial for kids to have good oral hygiene habits when they are still very young.

Eat the Right Foods

Children should eat a variety of nutritious foods, especially in childhood when they are still going through the developing years. This is the time when their eating behavior is established. It is critical to encourage kids to have healthy eating habits that can lead to good oral health and welfare.

Provide children with different nutritious foods such as fruits, vegetables, natural yogurt and meat.

  • Refrain from giving them snacks in between meals, since it is the most vulnerable age, when they could acquire cavities.
  • Encourage them to drink lots of water (from at minimum of 1 liter/day to a maximum of 2 liters/day), particularly if you stay within an area with fluoride, to protect teeth from cavities.
  • Try your best to reduce your child’s intake of sugary drinks like sodas, energy drinks, fruit juices and syrups, since these sweet drinks can cause tooth decay.
  • Reduce their consumption of sweet drinks, particular in between meals.

Brush your teeth properly.

Brushing teeth using a proper technique is a must for the maintenance of healthy teeth and gums. Observing good oral hygiene at a much early age reduces the risk of acquiring gum disease at a later age. Teach them to brush their teeth at least twice daily – in the morning and in the evening, as well as after eating meals.

  • It is recommended for infants to use a soft toothbrush, and for children 18 months to 6 years to use toothpaste (in a pea-sized amount) with less fluoride.
  • Supervise your child (up to 7 years old) whenever he/she brushes his/her teeth.
  • Instead of rinsing the toothpaste, encourage your child to spit it out.

Observe Safety while Playing

Whenever your child plays contact sports like cricket, football or hockey, when their mouth is more prone to injury, he should use a mouth guard during games and workout. A mouth guard is often worn when playing sports, while other activities also require a face guard or helmet.

Practice Healthy Habits at an Early Age

It would benefit children to develop healthy habits early in life. Habits such as brushing teeth regularly, eating a nutritious diet and visiting a dentist regularly allow them to maintain good oral health. The moment the first tooth of your child appears until 1 year old, he/she should have oral health checked. Based on a child’s oral health, the dentist/pediatrician will recommend when to visit the dental clinic.

  • Whenever there is any dental problem, go immediately to the dentist to have it checked.
  • Make dental visits a part of your child’s normal routine.
  • Make a dental appointment early in the day, when your child is not yet tired.
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