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Things to Know about Machine-to-Machine Communication



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Machine-to-machine communication, commonly known as M2M, is the technology through which two machines can communicate and exchange data, without human interfacing or interaction. It consists of serial connection, powerline connection, or wireless communications in the industrial Internet of Things (IoT). Choosing wireless has made M2M communication much easier as well as enabled more applications to connect. Generally, when someone says machine-to-machine communication, they refer to cellular communication for embedded devices. Some of the examples of M2M communication are vending machines sending out inventory info, ATM machines, and more.

As businesses have understood the importance of M2M, it has taken on a new name – the Internet of Things. M2M and IoT have similar promises. They both aim to change the way the world operates. Like IoT, M2M allows any sensor to communicate that opens up the possibility of systems to monitor and respond to changes in the environment, with a few need for human involvement. IoT and M2M are almost synonymous – the exception is the Internet of Things refers to wireless communication and Machine-to-Machine refers to any two machines – wired or wireless – to communicate with each other.

How M2M Works

Previously, machine-to-machine communication makes the Internet of Things possible. As per Forbes, machine-to-machine is the fastest-growing types of connected device technologies in the market, because machine-to-machine technologies can connect millions of devices within one network. The range of connected devices can be vending machines, medical equipment, vehicles, buildings, and more.

In general, M2M networks are quite similar to LAN or WAN networks. However, they can be used to allow machines, sensors, and controls to communicate. These devices can store information they collect back to other devices in the network. It allows a human to assess what is going on across the overall network and issue particular instructions to member devices.



Right from food processing to product manufacturing, every manufacturing equipment depends on technology just to make sure costs are managed properly, and the process is executed in an efficient manner. In the world of manufacturing, it includes highly automated equipment maintenance as well as safety procedures. M2M tools help businesses to be alerted on their smartphones when equipment needs servicing, so they can figure out issues as quickly as they arise.

Home Appliances

The Internet of Things affects home appliance connectivity via platforms, including Nest. M2M takes home-based IoT to the next level. Manufacturers like LG and Samsung are unveiling smart home application in order to help ensure a higher quality of life for occupants.

Healthcare device management

With Machine-to-Machine technology, hospitals can automate processes to make sure high-quality treatment. These devices can react faster than a human healthcare professional in case of emergency. For example, when a patient’s signs drop below normal, a Machine-to-Machine connected life support device can administer oxygen as well as other care until a healthcare expert arrives on the scene. These devices also allow patients to be monitored in their own homes than in hospitals or care centers.

Smart utility management

In today’s energy efficiency age, automation will become the new normal. As energy companies look for new and innovative ways to automate the metering process, machine-to-machine comes to the rescue. It helps energy companies connect energy consumption data so that they can bill customers. Smart meters can easily track how much energy a household or business uses and alert the energy company that supplants sending out an employee to check out the meter or requiring the customer to provide a reading.

If any company looking to move into the IoT space need to understand everything about the business model, how it will make money, and how it provides value for customers or internal processes.

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