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Why is E-signature online a complete package for businesses?



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The customers are the most valuable asset of any organization, and if you lose any, irritation and frustration are obvious. In many cases, you cannot control the situation.

However, if you are losing customers due to the wastage of time while preparing the documents to convert into legal contracts, you can control it by using digital signature online.

More importantly, you can utilize these solutions to streamline the whole processing of documentation by saving time and money and improving the overall performance of the organization.

Therefore, we can claim that the digital signature is a complete package of success for businesses.

When a business incorporates an E-signature app, it is the confirmation that signing the document does not need pens and papers.

With that, companies can save time and money, which means that their customers do not need to wait for a long time.

Many solution providers are in the market, which offers the complete digital solution of signing to the businesses.

With these solutions, the companies can carry out the whole process of signing without any ambiguity or security lapse.

Another feature of these solutions that you can keep these documents on-the-cloud databases, find any time from the archive, and close deals by following only a few steps that need minutes only.

However, when we talk about a complete package for business, it means that many other digital solutions should also be available with digital signing.

Many digital signature solution providers offer a contract management system, online HR solutions, accounting management systems, CRMs, and many other digital solutions.

You can integrate these apps with other software like OneDrive, Google Docs, Google Drive, Microsoft Office, Dropbox, and VoIP phone solutions, etc. In this way, you can streamline the processes of all the departments without managing anything manually.

When companies decide to go for such a package, they can improve their performance in the market by focusing more on other business deals and those opportunities, which are ignored due to traditional methods and techniques.

Some may think that these types of solutions are suitable only for corporates and large enterprises.

However, the fact is that all types of companies can go for it to facilitate themselves and their customers as well.

However, the companies can plan to use these packages only when the solution providers address all their concerns. Here, we are discussing all major queries authentically:

Is digital signature safe?

Yes, all these solutions are safe, especially when you use an advanced digital signature. These applications use public key infrastructure through which the documentation can be made authentic, secure, and protected.

When you use PKI, you are restricting access to the documents, as only those stakeholders can open and sign the contracts that have public keys.

The reason is that these documents are sent in an encrypted form, which can only be decrypted if the receiver has a public key.

Moreover, SSL encryption is also involved in controlling the process in transit. Multi-facto verification, audit trails, and time-stamping are also involved in keeping an eye on all the signers and documents during the signing process.

Are digital signatures legal?

All electronically signed contracts are as valid and legal as wet signatures are in the eyes of the law.

Many countries have made legislation accordingly to legalize digital signatures, and many are working on it.

These contracts can also be used in the courts in the case of having a conflict among stakeholders.

Are digital signature solutions pricey? 

No, it is not so. These solutions are available at the most affordable rates. More importantly, when you compare the costs of these solutions with the costs of traditional documentation processes, the difference can be huge.

For example

you do not need to buy papers, pens, and other stationery in bulk. Also, you do not need to spend much on cartridges and scanners. Moreover, you can save money on courier services as well,


Using digital signature solutions is a new way to improve business operations and activities.

Many companies have incorporated these solutions in their operations already, and many are ready to do so.

Therefore, businesses need to follow this trend to keep competitive in the business world.

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