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Wigs of natural, synthetic or processed hair? Which to choose?



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Whether out of necessity, to change their appearance in a practical way or for cultural or religious reasons, wigs are becoming more and more common today. However, some people are still afraid to use the accessory due to its artificiality, which, nowadays, is no longer true, because, over time, wigs have evolved in such a way that they stopped being that strange prosthesis of old to pass unnoticed as natural hair.

Finally you decided to enter the capillary universe (wigs, prostheses and hairpieces), but when it comes time to choose the model, you are faced with a huge variety of hair types: processed, natural, synthetic. But after all, which one to choose? 

First of all, you need to check your need, whether you prefer something more durable or a piece of little longevity. For this, you can consult a professional in the area, who will identify the type of wig that fits you perfectly. 

Is synthetic hair good? To begin, we need to keep in mind that synthetic fiber is made in the laboratory and its purpose is that it is used in the way it was produced, that is, flat iron, babyliss, among others, can often damage the wires. Nowadays there are already some products made from the High Heat Fiber thermal fiber, however, even products of this type have their limits and do not support a large amount of heat. If you want to paint the synthetic wig, change the length or even straighten it from time to time, it may not be a good option. 

Durability: synthetic vs. natural 

Another factor that must be taken into account is the product’s durability. For those who use synthetic fiber intensively (rain, shine), its duration is approximately three to eight months. Meanwhile, natural human hair wigs can last forever! Of course, as long as the necessary care is taken for this. 

Advantages: natural x synthetic hair 

But then what would be the advantage of synthetic fiber? Without a doubt, the price! The value of synthetic hair can vary greatly from place to place. But of course, it must be considered that each establishment has hair with treatments and qualities that are also different. It is not because the hair is synthetic, that everyone should be seen in the same way. Therefore, it is always good to look for serious companies that sell a quality synthetic fiber. Human hair, of course, has infinite advantages. In addition to being more resistant in relation to chemistry and heat, they offer a more sophisticated fit and, as the name says, more natural, they also have excellent durability. 

And as we mentioned above, if taken care of, it can last a lifetime. The only burden in relation to it, is that due to all these benefits, a natural hair wig can cost much more than one made from a synthetic fiber. And we must also consider that human hair is somewhat finite, while synthetic hair can be produced according to demand.

What is processed hair? 

Processed threads are human threads, or natural hair threads, that have gone through various chemical processes (paint, straightening, permanent, etc.), in addition to a process of eliminating the external scale. To make it easier, let’s illustrate it like this: When the wires are placed either on the wig, prosthesis or even apply, they can end up mixing and not being placed in the same root-tip direction that exists on the scalp. That way, when you comb, those strands will always remain upright. With processed hair, this problem no longer exists. But make no mistake! The processed yarn is no longer natural and its durability, as well as the possibility of cutting or painting changes, are compromised. The choice of the ideal product will depend on the objective of each one. Combining the prosthesis / wig / hairpiece with your look and lifestyle is paramount, but we also need to analyze the yarn options we see on the market. The most important thing is to feel good. After all, every new hair is a new beginning! Human hair is one of the next trending business commodities for 2021. Want to try humain hair business? You can try Julia hair affiliate program shareasale!

Thank you for reading!

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