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5 benefits of living at home with an elderly loved one



5 benefits of living at home with an elderly loved one
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Although over recent decades the trend has been to put our elderly relatives in nursing homes, many people still resist that step. For many families, it is the ultimate betrayal and fight to keep their parents or other relatives with them and not put them into a care home. Some older people voluntarily opt to go into elderly home care for various reasons. Usually, these reasons revolve around keeping their independence and not wishing to be a burden on their loved ones. Those that convince their seniors not to take that step feel a strong love and moral commitment towards their elderly relatives. This is not always an easy commitment to make or fulfil, but with love in their hearts, they do so. With that commitment comes some mutual benefits.

Safe Environment

As we all know, sometimes care for senior citizens isn’t always easy. It depends on how advanced their age is and the extent of their disabilities. As we all get older our bodies weaken and we are prone to more illnesses. When you are providing in-home care for elderly relatives, the first priority is to provide a safe environment. This can be done by uncluttering your home and installing simple safety features like handrails and non-slip mats. Those receiving your care benefit from a safe environment and you benefit from more room to move. Remember, before taking on this role as caregivers, you must have the necessary equipment that your elderly relative may need.

Personalised Care

When you are providing in home senior care to a member of your family, you know in your heart that they are getting the best possible attention that you can give them. Old people’s homes may be good or bad, but they can’t give that one-on-one attention that a family environment provides. Elderly home care creates an atmosphere of loving care for your relatives and, although difficult at times, gives you peace of mind.


When you provide in home senior care, you aren’t just taking care of their physical needs. This provides a much needed psychological boost to those under care. Mentally, they are healthier and that also goes a long way to help them feel better physically. Many older people can fall into depression when living away from their families in impersonal nursing homes, but in home care keeps them in the bosom of the family.


Although your elderly relatives may be under your care, living with the family or being taken care of by the family, does still give them a feeling of independence and worth, which is important for all adults at whatever age. They are still part of your daily lives. It gives them a sense of community that they can’t get in some institution, probably far away. They don’t become a number and have access to outsiders like friends and neighbours. In home care is less likely to take away their independence than any other solution.


In this case, we are not talking about what you provide in regards to elderly home care, but what your seniors can provide for you. Depending on their physical and mental conditions, they can provide you with not only companionship but help too. Such as help around the house or doing simple errands. In most cases, our elderly relatives are all too willing to help in whatever ways they can. We tend to forget that our senior relatives have lived far longer than us, that they have more experience of life. We all think that our problems and experiences are unique to us. That isn’t true. When you care for senior citizens, you have a bank of knowledge and experience sitting on your doorstep. By unburdening your worries and problems to them, you may find advice or solutions to your problems that you haven’t thought of. Their accumulated experiences may help you to cope with yours.

In Conclusion

In home care for the elderly is much more affordable than the fees of nursing homes. You may have to make some changes to the home to make it happen but that will be minimal compared to the on-going fees of a care home. At any rate, it eases the emotional burden you will feel if you chose in home care for the elderly over institutional care. As said before, in home care may not be easy, but chosen with an open and willing heart it will provide you and those you are going to care for, with great emotional comfort.

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