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Top Global HR and Talent Management Certifications in 2021

The global crisis had rendered too many changes in the way we work and conducted businesses. Numerous organizations were forced to take sudden decisions for remote working, work-from-home, and telecommuting options for their employees. Initially, everything felt good – no commuting, no morning rushe

HR and Talent Management Certifications in 2021

The global crisis had rendered too many changes in the way we work and conducted businesses. Numerous organizations were forced to take sudden decisions for remote working, work-from-home, and telecommuting options for their employees.

Initially, everything felt good – no commuting, no morning rushes, no getting ready early. Employees were happy with staying at home and working.

However, the bubble burst and the reality showered – discontent ruled, lack of social interaction made employees disengaged with each other and with the company.

Enter the HR professionals with their Midas touch!

HR professionals along with talent management professionals became the savior as they became the much-needed bridge between the employees and the management.

Not for the first time the role of HR professionals in an organization. The HR career which was earlier considered as the last choice among the professionals during the crisis became a popular choice among young professionals.

Reason: HR professionals and talent management professionals rolled-out a series of various activities that helped keep the employees engaged and motivated in the time of the COVID crisis.

While the role of HR and talent management professionals had already evolved due to technology evolution, the global pandemic just brought these professionals into the limelight. Aside from the traditional roles and responsibilities, the new role of monitoring people online and keeping a record of every minute detail became a challenge only a few could fulfill.

Then…what was the solution?

Keeping the learning curve soaring upward is the key here. How?

Either through various online programs available or through certifications from reputed credentialing bodies.

Got you interested? Read on to know more…

While HR and Talent Management Certifications have always been important in the growth of HR careers, the pandemic has just emphasized the requirement of the same. The HR and Talent Management Certifications in 2021 will augment your career to the next level. The condition is – it has to be from the reputed credentialing bodies.

So let’s have a look at some of the best HR and Talent Management Certifications in 2021 that you should opt for if planning an HR Career.

Institutes like Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI) and Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) offers numerous certification programs targeting both beginners as well as mid-and senior-level HR professionals.

However, for those seeking exclusive talent management certifications, Talent Management Institute (TMI) is the credentialing institute the best choice for you.

Why choose Talent Management Institute as your choice of institute choice for certification in talent management?

Talent Management certifications – TMP™, STMP™, and GTML™, offered by TMI are founded on the only Talent Management knowledge standards-framework that is currently practiced internationally. These certifications validate the applicant’s knowledge, education, as well as training makes them a high-potential performer in any talent management role.

Here are seven major reasons why going for a TMI certification is a must for an HR professional in the current competitive scenario. How it will put at an edge over the non-certified peers.

  1. With TMI certification on top of your HR degree, you become about 30% more attractive to the prospective recruiter as compared to your counterpart. In addition, certification will aid you when either seeking promotion or when you want to switch your job. Remember: As a TMI certified professional you enter the league of Talent Management experts with high potential.
  1. It was estimated that about one million talent management professionals will be joining the workforce this year. Not surprising considering the numerous changes in the business models of organizations globally the HR functions are improving themselves with Talent Management capabilities.
  1. With exposure to Talent Management, the HR professionals tend to become valuable assets to their respective companies as compared to the counterparts who just have an HR degree. In addition, the certified HR professionals on average tend to earn about 20% to 25% higher than the non-certified professionals.
  1. As an HR professional with talent management certification is preferred for leadership positions in organizations. The precision of the talent management certification standards by TMI has proven that certified talent management certifications are the best-equipped professionals to handle the most challenging leadership roles and responsibilities in the current workforce.
  1. World-renowned talent management certifications are respected across the industries and talent management certifications TMI’s talent management credentials are valid and respected across industries

Being able to lead Talent Management and Human Capital Maximization challenges across industry verticals and economic sectors is among the most sought-after capabilities of top bracket HR professionals. A certification from the Talent Management Institute validates that you are capable of handling these challenges and assures employers of your strong potential as a manager of human capital.

  1. With TMI certification on your portfolio, your career is secured both during economic downturns and business model changes. In simple words, a talent management certification from TMI will make your career secure in any circumstances.
  2. If you are STMP™ or GTML™ certified, then you automatically qualify for the prestigious TMI Fellow programs in Talent Management. Selective programs with limited participants annually, talent management fellow programs prepare you for the next step in your career.

These are the seven major reasons why you should opt for talent management certifications. Depending on your career stage you can choose a particular TMI certification.

There are other institutes like CIPD and ATD that offer a part of talent management programs. However, if you want a certification in talent management then certifications from Talent Management Institute are your best bet.

The time for the wait is over as now is the time to act. Get yourself certified in talent management and see your career take a new turn.


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