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Top UI/UX Trends for 2021



UI/UX trends
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Your mobile app’s interface and the experience that it provides, is the window through which the whole wide world sees your mobile app, its functions, utility and your business in the first go. So, it needs to be impressive and completely in-trend with user expectations from a future-minded business enterprise. Any mobile UI/UX mistake on this end cannot only disengage the user, but also enable them to completely uninstall your app. To stay abreast and ahead of these trends is a business necessity. We have thus, enlisted trends that will be shaping upcoming UI/UX for mobile apps in the coming times:

Understated designs with Full-screen functionalities

The overall theme of your background, defines its engagebalility with the users as large. So, you really need to be sure what and how do you put up your business for your viewers.

Soft hues and design themes with blurring lines, we think will be the famous choice of UI/UX designers in the coming times as they somehow seem to ease out the user stress. 

The newer smartphones generally support a full-screen functionality with no buttons to open, close or navigate through apps. It should all happen through hand gestures and your next-gen user interface design should inculcate these utilities. Also, a quick on-boarding could help users get hands-on experience as to how to work with its included functionalities. 

3-dimensional all the way.

2-dimensions are no longer going to be enough for the Generation Z millennials and beyond. With 3-dimensional development objects readily being available and more and more devices supporting Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality; users are bound to expect them in more and more mobile app interface designs. These technologies not only make a mobile app attractive, but also engaging and interactive for the users. With overall user-experience taking center stage, 3-dimensional interfaces are going to be the next UI/UX trends.

Dark-Modes are soon going to be necessary.

Both the Android as well as the iOS mobile platforms support dark themes for app development. This is the new popular trend amongst the smartphone users as it:

  • Helps save on battery life, a big positive for our smartphone-hung generation.
  • Reduces stress on eyes and eyesight, as a lot of internet surfing is now done at night or in dim lights. 
  • Even enables the weak-sighted individuals to view the app clearly.
  • Enables easy highlighting of content and popping out of designs.

Google, Whatsapp, Instagram, Microsoft Outlook, etc. all have dark modes. Sooner than later, it shall be a must-have app development trend.

Neumorphism is also in-trend.

Neumorphism is a UI/UX trend that develops an interface meant to be soft on the eyes. This design theme offers minimal color contrast, wherein features like buttons, etc. seem to be dug in deeper layers (which are actually inside the background), and are only visible because they’re protruding from within. The new, more aesthetic version of this interface design (more akin to skeuomorphism) is taking on the modern world of designers as of now. 

Stupendous Storytelling

This is one user-experience trend that we don’t see going anywhere in the times to come. People communicate with a mobile app using its interface design, and when this design seems to tell a story, it not only becomes interactive and engaging for the users; an aspect businesses sure need to capitalize on in the upcoming competitive times. 

Make your user Interface and overall app user experience more user-centric.

See, a lot of ‘user’ there, just the way it should be. Your app should talk to your user. So, look to include content, words, phrases, images and videos that talk to the user. Also ensure that in no way do they hamper the productivity of the app or slow its speed. Your user interface design endeavors could then easily transform into blunders. If possible, innovate to develop a newer design interface, including newer color combinations, utilities and app options that will help feature your app in your intended users daily listings.

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