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UK travel ban: New restrictions have been introduced by these nations



uk travel ban
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Countries across the globe are enforcing travel bans and prohibitions from the United Kingdom to avoid the transmission of a type of coronavirus that health officials say can spread more rapidly than others.
The new variant found in the UK prompted authorities in London and southeast England to enforce a Tier 4 lockdown and over the festive season to increase restrictions for all of England.
After the lockdown in the United Kingdom was declared on Saturday, more than a dozen countries in Europe, Asia, South America, and the Middle East have limited travel from the United Kingdom and, in some cases, travel from other countries that have reported cases of the variant.

According to the World Health Organisation, the variant has also been found in Denmark, the Netherlands, and Australia. A different coronavirus variant has been reported in South Africa, Maria van Kerkhove, the WHO’s technical lead for Covid-19, said Monday.

The Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office of the United Kingdom (FCDO) is working to support British nationals affected by the travel disruptions caused by the new restrictions that have cut off UK travelers from much of Europe and other parts of the globe.

As of late Monday afternoon, the United States had not issued a ban on travel from the UK.
“everything is possible, we just need to put everything on the table, have an open scientific discussion and make the best recommendation.” everything is possible, we just need to put it on the table, have an open scientific debate, and make the best recommendation.
According to a statement from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “CDC is following the situation closely and actively assessing the implications of the new variant and response options concerning international travel,”



According to a joint statement released by the Ministries of Health and the Interior of Argentina on Sunday, Argentina was to allow only one more flight from Britain to land on Monday morning at the international airport in Buenos Aires. Flights were scrapped later on.


Because of the coronavirus strain that has emerged there, Belgium will block travelers from the UK on Monday, Prime Minister Alexander De Croo said Sunday morning.


In response to the new version, during which it was agreed to temporarily suspend air travel between Bulgaria and the United Kingdom starting Monday until January 31, 2021, Prime Minister Boyko Borissov convened a working meeting with members of his Cabinet on Sunday, his office said.

Canada is among the nations putting a temporary ban on travel from the United Kingdom.

Canada is among the nations putting a temporary ban on travel from the United Kingdom.


Canada says it will ban most passenger travel for at least 72 hours from the UK starting at midnight on Sunday. In a tweet Sunday night, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau clarified the news that it was done to “protect” Canadians around the world.


The Chilean government declared that all flights to and from the United Kingdom would be suspended starting on Tuesday and that it would be necessary to self-quarantine travelers who have been to the United Kingdom in the last 14 days.


Colombian President Ivan Duque has announced that beginning on Monday, all flights between Colombia and the United Kingdom will be suspended. Upon entering Colombia, travelers who have been to the UK in the last 14 days will also have to self-quarantine, Duque told reporters.

Czech Republic

The Czech government is preventing flights from the United Kingdom from 6 a.m. ET Monday, a government statement said early Monday in response to the latest strain of the coronavirus in the UK.


For 48 hours, Denmark has banned air travel from the UK temporarily. Benny Engelbrecht, Minister of Transport, reported that Denmark is “in a very serious situation” with widespread infection across the country. ‘The Covid-19 mutated virus, which has spread rapidly in London and other parts of England,’ could make it more difficult to contain the infection. The ban remains in force until 23 December.

El Salvador

El Salvador forbids anyone from the United Kingdom and South Africa from entering the country.


On Sunday, the Estonian government announced a suspension of air traffic between Estonia and the United Kingdom, which would take effect at midnight until the end of the year.

France is among the nations putting a temporary ban on travel from the United Kingdom.

France is among the nations putting a temporary ban on travel from the United Kingdom.


French Prime Minister Jean Castex has declared a 48-hour ban, beginning on Sunday night, on the movement of people from the UK to France and extending to all modes of transport


Because of the current coronavirus variant, the German government is limiting travel to and from the UK and South Africa.

Hong Kong

As Secretary of Food and Health Sophia Chan said during a press conference on Monday, Hong Kong will ban all passengers who have stayed in the United Kingdom for more than two hours in the last 14 days from arriving in the city starting on Tuesday.


The Indian Ministry of Civil Aviation said Monday that flights between India and the United Kingdom will be suspended until the end of 2020. A mandatory RT-PCR test is required for passengers arriving in India from the UK before December 22.


Iran announced the suspension on Sunday of flights to and from the United Kingdom for two weeks.


Flights from the UK, Denmark, and South Africa have been banned by the Israeli government.


Because of the latest coronavirus strain found in England, Italy is suspending flights between the country and the United Kingdom, Italian Foreign Affairs Minister Luigi Di Maio announced on Sunday.


According to a statement by the Jordanian Government Spokesman and Minister of State for Media Relations, Ali Al-Ayed, the government has agreed to suspend all direct and indirect (transit) passenger flights from the United Kingdom from Monday to January 3, 2021.


Since Monday, Kuwait has suspended flights arriving from the United Kingdom.


From December 21 to January 1, Latvia suspended travel to and from the United Kingdom, the Latvian Ministry of Transportation announced in a statement on Sunday.


Fights in the UK will be postponed, tweeted Lithuania’s prime minister.


After a new strain of coronavirus was detected there, Luxembourg briefly suspended flights from the UK, according to a Sunday government statement.


As reported by the Morocco State News Agency (MAP), Morocco suspended flights to and from the United Kingdom beginning Sunday night (20 December).


All passenger flights originating from the United Kingdom will be banned by the Netherlands.


Starting on Tuesday 22 December, Oman will shut down its air, sea, and land borders for one week to track the latest form of coronavirus identified by the United Kingdom, the Oman State News Agency reported.


Pakistan suspends direct or indirect travel into the country from the United Kingdom.

The suspension will take effect from 23-30 December, according to a statement released by the Pakistan Aviation Ministry.


As a protective measure, Peruvian President Francisco Sagasti has declared a ban on flights coming from Europe for two weeks. He also declared a ban on foreigners coming to Peru for the last two weeks if they have been in the UK.

Republic of Ireland

On Monday and Tuesday, the Republic of Ireland is banning flights from Britain, the government declared Sunday.

Russia is joining the ban on flights to and from the UK.

Russia is joining the ban on flights to and from the UK.


Russia is suspending flights to and from the UK for a week starting on December 22 at midnight Moscow time, state-run news agency RIA Novosti announced, citing Russian headquarters for the coronavirus response.


The Government of Spain, in cooperation with Portugal, will deny entry to UK travelers starting Tuesday, La Moncloa of Spain announced on Monday afternoon. Residents and Spanish residents are excluded. The government has also declared that it would improve Gibraltar’s border controls.


Sweden bans travel from the UK, the foreign minister of the country said on Sunday.


As well as a retroactive quarantine following the discovery of a new, more infectious strain of the coronavirus in Great Britain and South Africa, Switzerland has issued a general entry ban for foreigners arriving from Great Britain or South Africa.


After the discovery of a new strain of coronavirus, Tunisia has suspended flights to and from the United Kingdom, Australia, and South Africa, the country’s Ministry of Transport and Logistics reported Monday. There will be no authorization to access Tunisia for travelers who have recently resided or passed through those countries. The suspension goes into effect Monday and, the ministry said in a statement, will last until further notice.


Turkey has barred flights from the UK, South Africa, the Netherlands, and Denmark, as announced late Sunday by the state-owned Anadolu Agency.



President Lenin Moreno declared the need for visitors from the UK, Australia, South Africa, and the EU to demonstrate negative results from the PCR test taken 10 days before arriving in the country. An antibody test that will be issued at international airports must also be taken by them.


Greece will enforce a seven-day quarantine starting Monday for all travelers entering from the United Kingdom, the Greek Department of Civil Protection declared Sunday.


The limits on flights from the UK have been imposed by Portugal. According to the country’s Interior Minister, only Portuguese nationals will be permitted to fly and they must have a negative Covid-19 exam.

In Spain

According to a tweet from the government on Sunday, Spain announced it is reinforcing airports to check PCR checks for people coming from the UK.

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