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SHE Can Do It All! In the Spotlight, Jami Amerine’s Journey to Be a Successful Wife, Mom, Author & Blogger

Woman, a remarkable creation of God, whose strength and determination to perform well and achieve success in every sphere of life amaze man. Although today, women’s rights are equal in almost every sphere of life, the small sacrifices she makes for the people around her are often underappreciated an

Jami Amerine's
Jami Amerine’s

Woman, a remarkable creation of God, whose strength and determination to perform well and achieve success in every sphere of life amaze man. Although today, women’s rights are equal in almost every sphere of life, the small sacrifices she makes for the people around her are often underappreciated and are not due recognition.

A woman is built to be a multitasker from the beginning of time. She is trained to balance multiple things at a time from a very young age. From being a helpful and caring daughter to a girl who has to follow her mother or grandmother’s footsteps to be a well-behaved young woman, the pressures of a woman are not acknowledged enough.

In this rapidly evolving world, the pressures of being a perfect wife, mom, and working woman all at once are making it difficult to survive as a woman. Despite this, she continues to do her best and excel in every phase of life. Whether a career-oriented woman or a house maker who single-handedly takes care of the entire house – a woman’s shoulders are loaded with responsibilities a man can never think of handling.

Such is the case of Jami Amerine. Born on September 26, 1971, and raised in Avenal in California, Jami Amerine is a religious author, blogger, full-time mother to six children, a loving wife to his husband, and a caring mother-in-law. Her books’ religious views are derived from real-life experiences and have managed to gain ground among the public.

Being a Supermom

Nurturing and raising six children is no joke. And caring for foster and adopted children is an even more difficult and sensitive task. Two out of Jami’s six children are adopted. Jami and her husband, Justin, foster kids until they find a permanent home and raise them to be kind-hearted and generous young individuals.

Upbringing foster children is a responsibility only a few can handle. There are many challenges that foster parents face while raising a child that is not theirs biologically. With her optimistic and loving approach, Jami had managed to raise those children with utmost care and maturity.

Foster kids come from a disturbed background. They often find it difficult to develop relationships and mingle around people. These children have seen the rough and unfiltered version of life at a very young age, and most of the time, exhibit self-destructive behavior. Handling such children requires experience and patience, and Jami’s personality was a perfect blend of these qualities.  Her website ‘Sacred Grounds, Sticky Floors’ has an array of experiences that she has shared over time for people to learn and be inspired.

Jami is a holder of an undergraduate degree in Family Consumer Sciences and is also a holder of three master’s degrees in Human Development, Counseling, and Education. She, along with her husband, are advocates for foster care, adoption, and foster reform. Jami, through her blogs, encourages people to raise foster children the right way. She advises people to be an active part of society to stand for those who are in dire need of support and love.

Diversified Religious Views

Born to a Mormon mother and non-religious father, Jami had seen the religious contrast from a very young age. On the one hand, she witnessed extreme love, devotion, and respect for Jesus, while on the other hand, her father was the complete opposite. Her exposure to two very conflicting viewpoints from the beginning of her life is why her thoughts are a unique amalgamation of logic and belief.

Her journey to find Jesus was flummoxing and complicated. Her life as a faithful Christian was full of question marks. She had, in her life, found different spins and variations of Jesus, being worshipped in different ways, which did not primarily make sense to her. Every person had built their image of Jesus in their mind. But according to Jami, Jesus was present everywhere and is always there with us to help us get through life. She believes Jesus can be found when a person is at their lowest. And her blog ‘An Open Letter to My Children: You’re Not That Great,’ she has expressed a similar message. It is due to this unique blog and her different approach towards finding Jesus that has made her who she is now.

This blog turned her into an overnight celebrity from getting only 69 views per blog to a whopping 689,391 views. She had never taken her writing skills seriously and had to start blogging as a hobby. But her interesting viewpoints and boldness to express her feelings without the fear of being judged are what made her stand out from the rest.

Today, Jami is the author of three best-selling books. ‘Stolen Jesus’ has received a decent amount of attention due to her frank and tell-like-it-is style of writing. Her book is full of self-deprecating anecdotes that strip all of her perceived notion of Jesus to discover His genuine character.  Her second book, ‘Sacred Ground, Sticky Floors: How Less-Than-Perfect Parents Can Raise (Kind of) Great Kids,’ revolves around the idea of dealing with motherhood. She talks about her failures and fears of being a good wife and mother and still being loved by the Heavenly Father who guides every child of His through thick and thin.

Being an ardent believer of Christ, she incorporates Him in all of her books uniquely and interestingly, portraying her life experiences from a different angle. Jami has also written a third book called “Well, Girl: An Inside Out Journey To Wellness.’ Her upcoming book, which would be her fourth ‘Rest, Girl: A Journey from Exhausted and Stressed to Entirely Blessed,’ which is due to release in the fall of 2021, also revolves around a similar idea, is much anticipated by her fans.

Amerine’s eccentric way of motivating and guiding the lost to rediscover Christ is truly commendable. Her relentless efforts towards making society a better place to live in will surely make her reach new heights of success!


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