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Leftists are calling for a new “Secret Police” unit to spy on Trump supporters.



Leftists are calling for a new "Secret Police" unit to spy on Trump supporters.

Leftists are now openly calling for the creation at the federal level of a new “secret police” unit to spy on Trump supporters who commit ‘wrong thinking’.

In an article published by the Daily Beast, journalist Jeff Stein warns that federal agencies, such as the FBI, are not equipped to fight “white terror” because they have missed signs of the Capitol riot planning.

The solution, according to Stein, is to create a new “secret police” (he literally uses those words) to “infiltrate and neutralize armed domestic extremists,” which, according to mainstream media, is likely to include 75 million Trump supporters. reports: Stein even compares the Capitol violation to 9/11, an attack that killed almost 3,000 people, and argues that a similar response should be directed inwardly against American citizens by the new “domestic spy agency.”

“A response to the 9/11 tragedy may well be renewed after the Capitol attack—especially if armed white nationalists succeed in carrying out more attacks in the coming days and weeks: a call for a secret police force,” he writes.

The existence of a “secret police force” that undermines constitutional norms to suppress the population is, of course, a hallmark of all dictatorial regimes, but it does not seem to bother self-proclaimed “progressives.”

“Hundreds of Black Lives Matter/Antifa riots, some of which involved firing mortars, bombing or burning police stations, did not qualify as domestic terrorism. But the Capitol Riot was terrorism because of the usual double standard,” says Dave Blount.

He also hits the nail on his head for the real reason that it would be necessary to create a new secret police unit.

“Neither the FBI nor the NSA has a culture of brutal hostility to their own country’s population that is needed to effectively suppress dissidents in the unfolding police state.”

As we pointed out yesterday, in addition to a new secret police force, some are calling for the establishment of a Stasi-like citizen spy network that would recruit Biden supporters to spy on Trump supporters and pass them on to the authorities.

It’s probably all part of the national “healing” and “unity” that Joe Biden called for.

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