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Political News Alarming Proceeding about Biden Losing His Own Terms



Political News Alarming Proceeding about Biden Losing His Own Terms
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President Joe Biden is a demanding guy to work with, according to a number of people close to him and an aide who helped draught speeches for him during the campaign, Politico said Tuesday.

The article by national correspondent Natasha Korecki, published a day before the inauguration of Biden, seems to underscore the sincere fear among many, both within and outside Washington, that the 78-year-old has missed a move or two in his mind.

Korecki described the speech-writing process for Biden, who was haunted by speculation about his cognitive fitness, as one that was cumbersome for those assigned to the mission during the 2020 campaign.

The Politico article, some of which may have been shocked, also released, does nothing to refute the notion that Biden has lost a few steps since the last time he served as vice president in January 2017.

Although Biden did not do much public speaking during his campaign, what little stumping he took part in was always packed with gaffes as well as some behind-the-scenes drama, according to Korecki.

The political writer talked to some of those who have an intimate knowledge of Biden’s campaign, his disposition, his decades-long battle with grammar, and his troubled recent memory problems.

“On the 2020 campaign trail, he would have kept groups of supporters waiting inside while he was in a black car with helpers, refining the lines of his prepared remarks,” Korecki said. “Revisions go up to crunch time; it’s not unusual for a staffer to scurry to a flash drive just before the event begins.”

That all sounds like routine conduct for a politician seeking court favor with voters in an age where campaign comments will hit TV viewers and end up on any corner of the internet.

But Biden evidently had other problems that Korecki more or less glossed over in a wide-ranging article that concluded, “Writing a speech for Biden can be hell. And that was before the inaugural.”

Do you think Biden is psychologically fit to be president?

He apparently “obsessed” before making public remarks after he began his third presidential bid, insisting on however many rehearsals he wanted to recall his lines.

The 78-year-old, who was next to him, was considered to be irritated during the speech-writing process.

“I would never say this,” said Biden once, lashing out at the helper in a speech he was about to deliver, Korecki said. Going over remarks, he said, “Where did you get this from? ”

“The aide explained that Biden had just said it in a public speech a few weeks earlier,” Korecki wrote.

“These are the hallmarks and discomforts of speaking-writing with Biden,” she said of the grotesque role of making the now-president prepare to write.

Apparently, Biden was often unable to remember what he had said in his own speeches.

For those who spent the 2020 campaign debating Biden’s cognitive fitness, the study shows further evidence that the country’s next president might be suffering from a memory crisis.

Of course, now that the campaign is over for Biden, any inference that he may not be up to the thorough job of running the country is a moot point. He is no longer a nominee seeking the highest office in the world.

After nearly five decades of office, Biden became the country’s 46th president, effective Wednesday. Yet he is also reportedly plagued by memory problems and his penchant for agitation, which was well known along the way to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Though his reported temperament and memory problems were once evidently accepted only by those who worked with him to beat former President Donald Trump, they are now of considerable significance for any American.

In the absence of an unexpected situation, Biden is currently and will be at the helm of the country for four years as commander-in-chief of the army.

He will also take on the leadership position of guiding the country’s international and domestic policies, which will see him drift away from many of those that have culminated in years of remarkable prosperity for the daily Americans under the leadership of his predecessor.

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