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8 Things You Need To Set Up Your Home Bar On Your Own



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As we grow older, we tend to invite friends over the house rather than going to the pub for drinks. And with that idea, more people are adding home bars in their blueprint whenever they need to remodel. Imagine not having to line up for drinks, plus you can always stock it up with your favorites! Home bars can easily be your center of attraction, especially during parties and get-togethers. 

If you want to level up your hostess game, a home bar is a great addition to your space. Arranging one does not necessarily mean that you need to spend thousands of dollars to set it up. With a few essentials, you will be able to serve your cocktails in no time. Here are some essentials that you should not forget when assembling your home bar.

1. Bar stools

That added elevation somehow changes the mood and comfort of anyone sitting on it. A bar stool can also instantly modernize your home bar, plus they also double as a room decor. You can opt for bright colored ones to add a pop of color in your home bar. If you want the classic feel, you can check out the Christopher Knight Home Dax Barstools. Still thinking of designs? Check out this list of bar stools by The list has everything you can imagine- from classic to modern, wood to steel, you will find the perfect stool in the list.

2. A Bar Cart

What is a home bar without a dedicated space for your alcohol? Most people would have a separate cabinet or install a shelf. But if you are on a budget, a bar cart works as well. Plus, you won’t be limited to your home bar. You can roll the cart out to the other rooms! Make sure to organize your cart well. You can also check out some carts that have bottle and glass organizers that maximize the space of the cart. Check out the Oliver Bonas trolley, which is made out of gold bamboo frame, marble, and mirror shelves.

3. Foundation Spirits

Of course, don’t forget the spirits. However, most people are confused as to which ones to stock up on. The secret is you don’t have to buy all the liquor available in the store to create different mixes, you will only need a few foundation spirits. Here is the list that you should have in your home bar: gin, scotch whisky, white rum, dark rum, tequila, bourbon whisky.

4. Mixing Set

When it comes to the bar tools, a mixing set is the first thing that you should get. There are several sets out there that have more than 10 tools. But if you want the basics, a shaker is a must-have. You are going to need a cocktail shaker to make margaritas and martinis. Make sure to pick the right size and material.

5. Glassware

You have probably heard about this before, but each type of glassware has a different purpose, depending on the cocktail. For example, red wines are meant to be enjoyed its aroma, that is why they are larger than a white wine glass. Champagne glasses are designed for temperature control. A rocks glass is meant to hold large cubes of ice. These are the three types of glasses that you should first have in your home bar.

6. Fruits and Mixers

Add more flavors to your cocktails with mixers. For the fruits, you should stock up on orange, pineapple, cranberries and lemon. You can also get a bottle of champagne, orange juice, and cranberry juice. There are also specialty mixers that you can get from your local grocery. For example, pina colada mix, margarita mix, and Tom Collins are just a few mixers on the sweet side so you can have more options in your bar.

7. Liqueurs

Aside from mixers, you can add some liqueurs to your alcohol if you want to enjoy a different flavor. You are going to need a few bottles for your martinis and Manhattans. Some liqueurs you can get are vermouth, amaretto, Irish cream, coffee liqueur, and orange liqueur. With this line up of liqueurs, you can already create tons of mixes and specialty cocktails.

8. Garnish

This is to level up your cocktails even more. Some of them you already have in your home. For example, salt, sugar, limes, cherries, and oranges are some of the garnishes you should have. If ever you are having friends over, you can serve the fruit garnishes in a tray on put it on top of your home bar. You can also get some jars for your salt and sugar to make your cart more organized.

Set up your home bar today!

Now that it is not still safe to go out, setting a home bar is one of the best ways to have an entertainment space in your home. Having one will also step up your hostess game whenever you have friends over. Make sure to check out these essentials when you DIY your home bar.

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