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Satellite or Fiber – What’s the Right Way to Go?



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The internet is the most essential utility in any home these days. From seeking entertainment to conducting official meetings, everything depends on a reliable internet connection.

There are several forms of internet that you may be familiar with, such as DSL, dial-up, and cellular. However, we are here to discuss the most promising technologies growing rapidly nowadays – fiber optics and satellite.

If you are in search of satellite or fiber internet in your area, you might find this guide useful as we will discuss all different aspects of these remarkable technologies. In addition to highlighting their strong suits, we will also shed light on some of their shortcomings.


The need for internet is not restricted to our homes or offices. You need constant connectivity to the web to efficiently accomplish simple tasks such as commuting, dining, shopping, and so much more.

If the internet on-the-go is something you cannot compromise, then satellite internet is the way to go. Since the technology connects to a satellite orbiting in space, you don’t need to rely on static infrastructure to grab a signal.

On the other hand, fiber optics restrict your mobility to a minimum. You might be able to catch a nearby wireless signal from a router, but that signal is still physically connected to a fiber optic cable underground.


In terms of reliability, fiber optic technology has an edge over the revolutionary satellite concept. This technology can provide virtually flawless connectivity for its users without compromising on the internet’s performance whatsoever.

In contrast, satellite internet is dependent upon weather conditions in your region. In the case of harsh weather and natural disasters, you are likely to face a drop in signal strength or lose connectivity completely.


Price is the first red flag for any potential consumer. If the price is too high, no matter how remarkable the service may be, consumers are less likely to opt for a service. There is huge initial investment involved with fiber optics infrastructure, which varies depending upon the physical length of the cable installed. This price is sometimes is passed on to consumers.

With satellite internet, there is not a significant installation cost involved. You only have to put a satellite dish on your roof. As long as your network provider offers the service, you can directly connect to the satellite right away. That being said, satellite internet still is a rather expensive choice as compared to fiber optics. Satellite internet is plagued with recurring charges and expensive rates while fiber technology is not.


The level of utility of your internet also plays a vital role in your choice of technology. If you need an internet connection for daily office activities, constant binge-watching, hardcore professional gaming, and more, fiber optic is definitely the way to go.

While satellite internet may be considered more of a backup option, or at least one that primarily for experiences on-the-go. Since this technology is not powered by sophisticated fiber optic cables, you cannot rely on it for constant and reliable signal strength.


The area where satellite internet does shine is when you are looking for an internet service in far off regions. If you happen to reside in rural areas, where there is a lack of infrastructure, satellite internet will prove to be a highly useful means for connecting to the web.

However, if you are situated in the heart of New York City or any other crowded vicinity, then fiber optic internet will always prove to be a viable choice. Not only will you be able to choose from several remarkable options, but you would also be able to enjoy reasonable rates from the likes of Spectrum internet packages and countless others.

Data Caps

Many people are used to enjoying unlimited data each month as they enjoy movie marathons, TV show binge-watches, competitive gaming, and much more. Fiber optic technology gives you the freedom to choose from a number of providers that either offer unlimited data or an enormous amount that are enough for a household.

Satellite internet, on the other hand, will restrict your internet consumption to a minimum. You would face some significant data caps, not to mention that they will also be accompanied by some heavy price tags. So, do consider this aspect if you are looking to make the switch.

The Final Verdict

In a nutshell, satellite internet is perfect for people residing in remote locations where other forms of the internet are a rarity. However, if you are surrounded by civilization, and have a number of providers to choose from, then fiber optic internet will always be the prime contender.

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