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At the Catholic Church, Joe Biden obtained Communion despite celebrating abortion two days earlier



At the Catholic Church, Joe Biden obtained Communion despite celebrating abortion two days earlier
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During Catholic Mass Sunday in Washington, D.C, President Joe Biden got communion. Two days ago, even though he celebrated abortion.

Catholic figures are arguing whether, since he openly defies the sanctity of human life and other church doctrines, Biden, a pro-abortion Liberal, should accept communion. The president does not partake in the sacrament, some bishops have said, although others say they would not deny it to him.

The Christian Post states that when he and his family celebrated mass at the Holy Trinity Catholic Church in the Georgetown district of D.C., Biden got communion on Sunday. When he served as vice president under President Barack Obama, Biden used to attend the same church.

Prayers were said for unborn babies at another service at the church that Biden did not attend. According to the study, one individual prayed that “the dignity of the human person, particularly the elderly and the unborn, the prisoner and the migrant, be realised and upheld.”

They also prayed that Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris could “lead our nation to unity and justice for all.”

But the pro-abortion policies of Biden are neither unifying nor just. In the contrary, they will expand the killing of unborn infants in abortions and compel people to finance their deaths. They should not honour the dignity of any human being.

Catholic Bishop Thomas Tobin of Rhode Island, Bishop Samuel Aquila of the Archdiocese of Denver, Colorado, Archbishop Emeritus of Philadelphia Charles Chaput, Father Patrick McCafferty of Belfast and others have said in recent months that they do not agree that Biden should receive communion until he repents.

“Mr. Biden has shown through his actions during his public life that he is not in full communion with the Catholic Church,” Chaput wrote in First Stuff late last year.

He blamed Biden for endorsing a “grave moral evil” that “has resulted in millions of innocent lives being destroyed.”

However, some Catholic figures disagree. Cardinal Wilton D. Gregory of Washington, D.C. in November He said he would not hesitate to offer Biden Communion.

Gregory said having differences is common for Catholics; they are part of “being a family, a family of faith.” The challenge is that so many people try to exclude people from whom they have differences from the family of faith.

The plans of Biden and the persons who head his government are radically pro-abortion. They also reject guarantees for religious equality for Catholic charities and employers. Kamala Harris, his vice president, has been accused of anti-Catholic discrimination. She also arrested pro-life undercover journalists who revealed the aborted baby body parts exchange in Planned Parenthood.

Abortions will escalate across America if Biden did as he promised. In the case of the US, he not only plans to codify Roe v. Wade into federal law. He also seeks to end the Hyde amendment to require taxpayers to pay for elective abortions, while the Supreme Court overturns it.

Per year in America, approximately 900,000 newborn babies are aborted, and about 62 million have been aborted since 1973, when the U.S. The Supreme Court compelled states to allow, on appeal, abortion. Researchers at the Charlotte Lozier Institute estimate that 60,000 more unborn infants will be killed in abortions annually without the Hyde Amendment.

In April, during the coronavirus pandemic, Biden went so far as to call the killing of unborn babies an’ important medical service.’ His health care initiative will also broaden abortions by requiring insurance providers to fund abortions under Obamacare as “essential” health care.

He also vowed to reverse all of President Donald Trump’s life-long gains, including returning subsidies to Planned Parenthood’s billion-dollar abortion chain.

The stance of Biden on religious rights is also profoundly disturbing. Biden also supported anti-religious freedom legislation that will compel nuns, religious charities and clinics, by financing the killing of unborn babies in abortions and possibly also trying to promote their deaths, to betray their strongly held convictions. He also vowed to restore an Obama-era provision of their employee health care policies that will require the nuns with Little Sisters of the Poor and other religious employers to fund contraceptives, including forms that could cause abortions.

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