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By endorsing Trump Impeachment, Biden Breaches ‘Peace’ Promise



By endorsing Trump Impeachment, Biden Breaches 'Peace' Promise
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President Biden betrayed his promise to pursue “unity,” announcing Monday that Donald Trump’s impeachment trial “must occur.”

Biden had earlier indicated that he might resist the trial in favour of restoring peace to the country.

But on Monday, Biden enthusiastically declared his support for Trump’s conviction as House impeachment administrators delivered the articles of impeachment to the Senate:

“On Monday, President Joe Biden offered his most comprehensive remarks since taking office in the impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump, telling CNN, “I think it needs to happen.

Biden made the remark in the halls of the West Wing during a short one-on-one interview with CNN. He admitted the effects it could have on his policy agenda and Cabinet nominees, but said if it did not happen, there would be “a worse effect.”

Biden told CNN that if Trump had six months left in his term, he thought the result would be different, but said he did not expect that 17 Republican senators would vote to indict Trump. reports: Biden dedicated his Inauguration Speech five days earlier to the concept of ‘peace,’ using the term no less than eight times. Yet, despite recognising that Trump is impossible to be prosecuted by the Senate, and despite lobbying for the importance of coronavirus relief, the 46th president not only tolerates, but actively supports an attempt to prosecute the 45th, who is no longer in office.

Several Republican Senators openly claim that the Senate lacked authority to prosecute a former president:

In his Inaugural Speech, Biden said: “It requires more than words to restore the soul and secure the future of America.” In a democracy, that needs that most elusive of things: unity. Unity.

In order to interfere with attempts to enact coronavirus relief, the Senate will now have to divert time and money to the tribunal.

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