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Catholic Bishop: “It’s a scandal,” for Joe Biden to say, “It’s a devotion”



Catholic Bishop: "It's a scandal," for Joe Biden to say, "It's a devotion"
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Last week we published extracts from a letter sent by the president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), to the recently opened pro-aborting President, Joe Biden, from Archbishop José Gomez. He offered his prayers, but also offered the record “that our new president has vowed to follow certain measures that advance spiritual evils and risks.

Abortion was the first policy which Archbishop Gomez quoted.

The remarks of Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann of Kansas City today have been published on the 22 January Declaration. The Representative of the United States is Archbishop Naumann. The Pro-Life Commission Assembly of the Catholic Bishops. In his archdiocese, the Leaven, we are also publishing a column penned by Archbishop Naumann.

First, the statement that identified the Roe v Wade Decision as a “progress of women’s rights and health” in reaction to President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris’ statement.

It is profoundly troubling and dramatic that a President should commend and codify a decision of the Supreme Court which, under the euphemistic mask of a health service, violates unborn children their fundamental human and civil rights, their right to existence. I take advantage of this occasion to remind all Catholics of the Catechism that “The Church has proclaimed, since the first century, the moral evil of any abortion. Elected leaders are not only responsible for their own values, but also the consequences of their public acts. This education has not improved and is unchangeable.’ The rising of abortion to the protected status and its exemption from state controls opened the way for the violent deaths of over 62 millions vulnerable unborn children as well as the loss, neglect and abuse of innumerable women.

“We are urging the President strongly to reject abortion and encourage life-building aid for needy women and communities.”

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Then, in his Leaven column, this long but very significant part:

Today is the 48th anniversary of the judgments of the Supreme Court that allowed abortion on demand in the United States. During the last 48 years, more than 60 million American children have been killed by abortion. With the deaths of their daughters and sisters, the fathers and mothers of these aborted infants are not unscathed.

In a meeting with the bishops of Kansas, Missouri, Iowa and Nebraska only a year ago, Pope Francis reminded us that abortion is not solely a religious matter, but a question of human rights.

The Holy Father claimed that he still posed two questions in his conversation with those who advocate abortion: 1) Is it ever right to sacrifice a child to fix a problem? 2) Is it ever right to recruit someone to fix a dilemma by murdering a child?

The appointment of several well-qualified federal judges and three Supreme Court justices who understand and value the boundaries of the jurisdiction of the courts was one of the positive accomplishments of the Trump presidency. Their duty is to judge cases based on their conformity with the U.S. Constitution, not to invent freedom and/or enforce on the country their private religious convictions.

In his cabinet appointments, executive orders and the interpretation and enforcement of legislation that culminated in the defence of unborn children, religious freedom and rights of conscience, President Trump has achieved a great deal.

President Biden vowed during the campaign not only to keep abortion legal, but also to compel voters to finance abortion. He vowed to revive government attempts to force abortifacients in their lay employee insurance programmes to be funded by the Little Sisters of the Needy.

I hope that these are promises our incoming president will fail to fulfil. On this most fundamental of all human rights problems, we must pray for President Biden to have a conversion of mind and heart.

It’s a scandal to have a president who openly professes to be a devout Catholic who has practically vowed to be the most pro-abortion president in our country at the same time.

We need to pray that our new President, Joseph Biden, and Vice President Kamala Harris will be blessed by the Lord to fulfil their obligation to lead our country.

We ought to pray that the Lord will put forth the blessings of a Biden presidency for the benefit of our country.

I believe the next four years to be very complicated based on his planned cabinet appointments and the pledges he made during the campaign, and I will have to strongly disagree with some of President Biden’s policy proposals.

We ought to be able to vigorously and critically discuss critical public policy problems in a democratic republic. Note: Dave Andrusko is the National Right to Life News editor and the author and editor of many abortion books. Originally, this article appeared in an online column on pro-life issues, National Right to Life News Today.

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