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WHO experts in Wuhan are questioned by the Survivor of the Virus



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A relative of the survivor of the coronavirus in China is asking for the visiting team of experts from the World Health Organization to talk to infected families arguing that the Chinese government has silenced them.

In conjunction with the United Nations, China accepted the visit by researchers. The Department has just been bargaining for months. It did not mention whether they should obtain information or communicate with relatives, except to suggest that the team could share thoughts with Chinese scientists.

The father was killed by COVID-19 on Feb 1st 2020 after travelling in Chinese town of Wuhan and being poisoned. “I expect WHO experts to become an instrument for spreading lies,” Zhang Hai said. “We were relentlessly finding the truth. It was a criminal act and I don’t want the World Health Organization.”

The Foreign Minister of China did not answer the request for comment immediately.

On 14 January the WHO team in Wuhan will resume work in the field later this week after a 14-day quarantine to investigate the sources of the virus.

Zhang, a Wuhan originally from Shenzhen South, has now arranged for authorities to keep the families of the victims of coronavirus in China accountable.

Many are furious that at the height of the epidemic the state downloaded the virus and threatened to prosecute the Wuhan administration.

The relatives faced enormous pressure not to speak out from officials. According to interviews with Zhang and other family, officials denied the lawsuits, Zhang and others were grilled regularly and menaced of fired relatives of those who talk to the international media.

Zhang confirmed chat groups of family members were shut down immediately after the arrival of the WHO team in Wuhan and accused the town government of silencing them.

“Don’t pretend we don’t exist, we’re not looking for responsibility,” said Zhang. “You have cut off all of our platforms, but we still want everyone to know that we haven’t given up through the media.”

WHO says its visit to China is a research venture, not an attempt to accuse, to investigate the source of the virus and to “profoundly interview and review” early cases. It did not answer a request for comment immediately.

China dismissed demands for a global investigation originally because Beijing was blamed on the virus by the Trump administration but surrendered to worldwide pressure for an analysis of its source in May.

At the World Economic forum on Wednesday, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the United States’ top infectious disease official, reported that “a large black box that is awful, is still not known as the origin of the virus which has brought the world to its knees.”

Negotiations and reversals, one of which lead a rare public protest from the president of the WHO, have constantly delayed the Task.

The launch of the WHO mission has reactivated debate about China’s global spread by too sluggish a reaction in early days.

From the start, the WHO officials have tried with no luck to get further support from China.

Audio records of the Associated Press’ internal WHO meetings and first transmitted Tuesday reveal that while the WHO praise China in elected, public officials secretly questioned the lack of details. In fact, the Associated Press reports.

The United Nations. There are no powers of compliance, so the agency must rely on the member states’ goodwill.

The tour is a “image building mission” as well as a research one, which China is willing to become open, Keiji Fukuda, a public health specialist at the University of Hong Kong, has said.

Fukuda, a retired officer of the WHO, said “China and WHO hope to get some brownies. “To whom the team is going to have access, though. Will you ever be in a position to ask the questions you want? ”

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