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What are the common signs of inflammation in your body?



What are the common signs of inflammation in your body?
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Most people think inflammation is an outer soreness that occurs due to a physical injury, but do you know that this inflammation can also damage other tissues and organs, leading them to serious consequences.

Consequences that chronic inflammation can lead you to are:

  • Heart disease
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Asthma
  • Cancer
  • Neurodegenerative disease

Now it’s not necessary that every inflammation is dangerous and you should consult the doctor every time, even when you hit your toe at any corner of the bed and you feel like it is swelling.

Well, this might seem over conscious.

Therefore, people who are unfamiliar with what type of inflammation is serious and what is quite normal?

Here, we will be discussing what are the common signs of inflammation in your body?

Before knowing the common signs you should know the difference between normal (Acute) inflammation and serious (Chronic) inflammation.

Types of inflammation

1.    Acute inflammation

Most of the time, whenever a person gets physically hurt like, getting an ankle twist, the next thing is that our body automatically swells and looks like red bloated damaged area.

Well, this type of inflammation is quite normal because this is the natural response of a human body to injury and it helps to heal.

2.    Chronic inflammation

In this type of inflammation, whenever a person gets a physical injury sometimes if not taken care of properly the swelling leaves a prolonged impact, in which it damages other healthy tissues and organs of a body.

Hence, one should seek medical help to reduce inflammation in the body.

And another great way is by following anti-inflammatory diet.

Below are the common signals that any person can consider before consulting a doctor.

What are the common signs of inflammation in your body?

  • You feel tired and fatigued all the time
  • You suffer from pains and aches in different parts of your body
  • You suffer from Acne breakout
  • You suffer from continuous digestive system problems
  • You feel continuous hurt burns
  • You go through brain fog
  • Your lymph nodes swell.
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