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What Are the Benefits of Fender Flares?



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It’s no secret that a lot of people who buy upgraded fenders do so because they want to personalize the style lines on a vehicle, but that’s not the only reason. Fender flares are functional as well, especially for off-road vehicles and those operating in rural areas with a lot of unpaved but maintained roads. So what do they do, besides making your Jeep look pretty? It depends on the situation.

Cover Up Corrosion

Wheel wells are, unfortunately, a site where visible corrosion creeps in easily. Even when your vehicle is fairly well cared for, rust in the wheel wells is almost unavoidable, since they bear the brunt of snow, slush, salt, and debris damage, all of which exacerbates corrosion. Lift kits often expose these areas to view even more easily, and a good set of fender flares for Jeep models like yours can shield them from view. You might not be able to keep rust spots from popping up in there, but you can keep them from being an eyesore, and that’s worth the investment even if you’re not one for customizing the exterior of your vehicles.

Block Debris, Mud & More

The biggest functional benefit to having your Jeep set up with fender flares? The way it keeps stuff from being thrown up into the air, whether or not you’re going off-road. On the pavement, this keeps water from puddles and gutters out of your field of view, deflecting them back to the ground instead of letting them be thrown up all over the place. That’s a big benefit when you’re trying to navigate in extreme weather and you’re worried about the visibility, especially if you’re in any kind of traffic. On unpaved roads like many rural routes, it also blocks the loose gravel and sand your vehicle can kick up in any weather, as well as mud, which helps minimize the splash back onto the body of your Jeep.

The best work your new fender flares will do is on the trail though. Whether you’re overlanding and blazing a new path or enjoy some well-worn mud tracks, the right pair of fender flares will keep all the stuff thrown up on the trail where it should be, back on the ground. This minimizes the chance of throwing up small rocks at a height that could damage your windows or body, in addition to the way it helps you navigate through water, slush, or mud. The best wheel tire combo Jeep JK might be able to ensure you power through the mud, but only your fender flares help control where that mud goes to keep your vision clear.

More Accessory Options for Your Jeep

There are a lot of options out there for your Jeep build, from lift kits and other upgrades you’ll need to power through off-road challenges to simple replacements for stock components you need to keep your Jeep looking and running its best. Whether you’re in the market for new lights, fender flares, or just a Jeep soft top replacement, you can find them all at your go-to resource for Jeep upgrades.

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