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Wayne Rooney is one of the most famous football players, and he has fans all over the world.

This England legend has played for numerous teams over his career, most noticeably as a member of the nation’s team as well as many years at Manchester United. 

With many years behind him, fans of Rooney have a lot of choice when it comes to buying their favorite player’s kit. Classic Football Kit has a wide range of classic and modern Rooney shirts available from his time at England, Manchester United, and his stint at other world-class teams.

Genuine Rooney Shirts for All Fans

Wayne Rooney started his legendary career playing for his boyhood team of Everton, but his sights were set for the big leagues.

Over his time on the pitch, Rooney has amassed hundreds of fans from all over the world, which makes an official Rooney shirt one of the most prized possessions any football fan could have.

There are many reasons why Wayne Rooney continues to be a fan favorite, but it is the classic Rooney Manchester United shirt that is one of the most sought after pieces because of his legendary time at Old Trafford. 

Within his debut for Man Utd, Rooney scored a hat trick, and his goals continued to flow freely throughout his career with this club.

Wearing a Rooney Manchester United shirt can bring back the wonderful memories fans have of the five Premier League titles he managed to win for the team during his time there, as well as the countless other successes he brought to Old Trafford.

All of the Rooney shirts available at Classic Football Kit, whether that is the iconic Rooney Manchester United shirt or his famous England kit, are genuine.

Reminisce With Vintage Rooney Kits

Times are tough at the moment for football fans, so what better way to bring back some excitement for the sport than looking into the successes of the past?

There is not a match or a football league where a Rooney shirt has been worn that hasn’t seen success! 

Classic Football Kit has a range of Rooney Manchester United Shirts as well as the official Rooney England shirt that will excite any football fan. 

While it might be a while before fans can go back into Old Trafford, they can continue to show their support for Manchester United and the famous players’ it has nurtured with genuine vintage kits.

Fans of Rooney are not short of classic football kits to choose from, and there are options for printed Rooney Manchester United shirts as well as the iconic Rooney England shirt for supporters of other teams.

This website offers only genuine, high-quality vintage and modern kits for football fans. This makes them one of the best online retailers of football jerseys and kits.

Shop the Whole Range Online

Wayne Rooney fans have so many options when it comes to classic or modern football shirts, and all of them are available online at

This website has the entire catalog of Rooney shirts available, from his first stint at Everton to his world-famous England kit worn during many world cups.

Whether you are looking for the Rooney Manchester United Shirt or any other kit from footballing legends, Classic Football Kit has it all.

The football jerseys and kits are genuine, giving players an authentic look to replicate their favorite players on the pitch. The vintage pieces are authentic and one-of-a-kind, allowing you to choose the look you want based on your favorite footballing decade or player.

Fans of Wayne Rooney will be pleasantly surprised by how many options they have, and each genuine Rooney shirt can bring you closer to the action – whether you are watching from the stadium sidelines or on television.

Continue Showing Support

Football fans are some of the most dedicated in the world, and Rooney fans are a testament to this.

While the future of football is up in the air, you can still show your support for your favorite teams with genuine football shirts.

Whether you want to invest in an authentic Rooney shirt or support another player, there are options for all at Classic Football Kit. 

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